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Cortes Letter

This is a Spanish legend who organized for the great fall of Aztec Empire in 16th century. In his letter, he talks on his life history and more particularly on how he became a Spanish hero. He was born in Spain in the year 1485 from a distinguished family. At the tender age of 14years, he was sent to go and study at the a certain well known university but after close to two years, he was fed up of studies and decided to return in to his home at Medellin, something that made his parents to be very upset. It was during then his parents made plans so that he may go to America, but unfortunately he had some injury that he got while escaping from a bedroom of a particular married woman, something that prevented him from travelling. All he did for the whole year was to listen to the tales of the people returning from places such as west indies who revealed to him and other citizens of the gold and strange lands up there. He got very much interested and finally decided to leave for Hispaniola where he later turned out to be a colonist.

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When he arrived at Santo Domingo, he was 18years then. He then spent his next five years building himself as a colony whereby he was involved in the conquest of both Hispania and Cuba and surprisingly he got a big estate of land and lots of Indian slaves. It was due to his undying efforts and influence that impressed the then Governor of Cuba that led him appoint Cortes as the clerk to the treasury. After sometime, their relationship became so good whereby he was made secretary general to the Governor. This was a very nice buildup as he became very important person and as a result he became the new leader. This position later on brought some strong friendship between him and the Governor. Cortés then was sent over to go and help him in the newly established colony where there were lots of minerals. It was out of his experience as administrator that enabled him gather three ships and three hundred men something that made the Governor very jealous and chose to replace him instead, but before he could do that, Cortés had already gathered other more people. It was during this time that he became a mayor and also had an affair with the sister in-law to the governor.

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In the year 1518, he was sent to tour and explore the inner Mexico by the governor so that they may colonize it and he eventually succeeded. He then claimed the Spanish crown.

From this story, we can therefore conclude that Cortés was a true administrator and a man of strategies as it is very well illustrated by the fact that he could organize a big group of people and lead them. He also helps us notice the importance of being attentive to our elders as we can see that he always paid attention to the rules being given to him by the governor while in Cuba.

It is however very unfortunate that the leader can be criticized for not being morally upright as we are read that he did not make going to the united states due to the injury he sustained while in some married woman house and later on we see him having a series of affairs in Mexico.

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