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The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962

The war years that embraced the territories that surrounded the Soviet Union Territory from that of the US territories in the 1950’s continued until the 1960’s noting the different implicative manners by which the two major countries avoided the clash between their subjects thereby giving birth to the introduction of the Cold War. During this particular phase in history, the subjects or the allies of the two countries are expected to follow through the laws and guidance of the agreements that they have formed to make the division clear hence making several agreements pointing out that the countries allied with the US or in some way under the care of the said country could not form any collaborative agreement with the Soviet Union and vice versa.

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The tension between the two countries had been underway making it essential that both parties adhere to the truce that exists between them. Being the two among the most powerful countries during that time.US and USSR continued to try to exist with each other although the perception of both countries in terms of governance differs so much. For this reason, the separation of both countries grew stronger and wider making a great impact on the level of international relations of the countries that are related or are in ally with them. One of the most tensed divisions that happened between the two countries was that of the involvement of Cuba in the scene making a great impact on the relation of the said world powers in relation with international affairs that marked the world history.

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Cuba was mainly an understandable ally of the United States since it was noted as part of the Latin countries that agreed to accept the terms of free trade through the Monroe Doctrine. It could be observed that because of the location of the country, resting just at least 90 miles across the southern waters of US, it was understood and accepted that they were indeed an instant ally of the United States. However, because of the tension that has evolved between Cuba and the US military men situated in the Guantanamo Bay Base, the reported situated has allegedly moved the Cuban government to seek the assistance of USSR making a huge breech on the contract or the agreement that they had with the United States. This of course raised thoughts of uneasiness. They did the best they could though to remain calm and not as much obvious to let the other countries see the unstable thoughts they have about the abrupt decision of Cuba to exchange their alliance with the United States for the military assistance of the USSR. The blatant chance of developing a communist government in Cuba however continued to raise the chance of having a rather controlled government in the country. The location of Cuba was rather close to the US territory hence making a great impact on how the US thinks of the possibilities that USSR might use Cuba for mainly on attacking the US territories.

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It is undeniable that the doubts never ceased and the continuous spying of US over the territories of Cuba hoping to see something that would establish the rightful justification of the distrust of the US with the country’s government and its alliance with USSR. It was not for long that the US government was able to confirm that somehow, USSR was making use of Cuba as one of its ace cards in attacking US in case tension arises later on. This in return fueled the level of distrust that the US government already has upon the country thus making certain changes on the ways by which they intend to deal with the situation.

Later on, US realizes the need to contain the situation by pursuing an embargo on the supplies that they release for the Cuban society thus making it harder for the country to feed its people or even get by with its basic needs. The embargo involved the control and blockade of the economic systems that governed the country. This resulted to the grave incapacity of the government to provide its people the basic needs that they demand for intently weakening the force of the Cuban society to mandate control over the political situation they caused themselves to be under.

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It was not for long that USSR came into the picture to aide their new ally. Castro, the Cuban president and Nikita Khrushchev, USSR premier, agreed to establish ballistic missiles within the Cuban territory so as to protect themselves from any possible attacks from the United States. The establishment of missiles were kept secret that when Kennedy, the current president of the United States in 1962, was told of the matter, he has been reportedly in a state of not accepting the news trying to convince himself and the country that USSR would not do such a thing in terms of good faith that they would give close attention to the agreement that has been established between them and their allies. Later on though, the truth has been revealed and the missiles implanted in Cuba were notably discovered making a huge implication on the willingness of the United States to fight back with arms.

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This phase of the situation almost brought about the first nuclear war in the world. Perhaps, if the situation was not contained back then, the effects would have been drastically devastating if the war would have not wiped out the entire generation during that time.

Rescuing in the situation, the United Nations tried to create an understandable agreement between the two countries, helping them to draw away from the differences that have caused them to be under the said situation. Political issues were then gradually resolved and the formation of allies made a great changeable evolution that gradually freed the other countries from strict policies that differs communism from that of the democratic systems.

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Nuclear weapons are still considered to be among the most powerful weapons any country could use to defend themselves from any possible threat of war or something else the like. Considerably though, some might simply use it to attack an entire nation and bring them to extinction. Yes, in this advanced world, a single bombing of a nuclear weapon would cause everything else to perish. This is the reason why the Cuban missile crisis is noted by historians as one of the most remarkable parts of history that describes and reminds nations of the need to secure themselves from any possible attacks or so. Although there is no more cold war, there are still underlying disputes around the world that arches the allied forces of nations around the globe. It could be observed that if these disputes are not well resolved, anytime, countries like North Korea, Iraq and even Russia could find the best reasons they could get to launch nuclear missiles. Aggressive as the movement could be, it could be considered that such move would be fatal to many. This then reminds the governments to keep close attention as to how they deal with disputes successfully thereby protecting their national security.

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