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Socialization of Youths in United States

Socialization is the process that provides persons with the necessary skills and habits derived from norms, customs and ideologies to participate within their own society. Through socialization most individuals gain their personality, morals and believe. There different types of socialization which include; primary socialization at childhood, secondary socialization at teenager's age and developmental socialization at adult's age. In United States many factors affect the socialization of young people which will be discussed to explain the different habits and believes among them.

One of the major and threatening factors affecting socialization of young people in United States is Mass Media. Young people greatly use Media today all around the world including internet and TV. Through the media they are exposed to both positive and negative influences. Teenagers try to copy what celebrities on TV do so that they appear cool to their friends. They join those sports which are popular with media which helps them to be more health. They take cigars because their favorite celebrities are doing it even dressing like them. These young people form groups according to different celebrities, or songs they are funs of. From these groups different habits and skills are generated. Through movies and films these young people get exposed to violence and sex images which they adopt as habits.

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Young people socialization in United States is also affected by the families they come from due to constant relationship with parents and relatives. Young people sometimes find themselves adopting certain behaviors which suits their parents or so that they get favors from them. Teenagers also find themselves in groups which their older brothers or sisters are or try to copy what their parents do and seem cool like taking cigars. Schools also affect how young people socialize in United States. Young people in schools normally choose friends who seem cool to them as they posses those habits that fit them. These teenagers involve themselves in sex to be cool or famous to their schoolmates or even take drugs. Other minor factors that affect socialization of these young people include; religion, race and economic status.

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