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The Renaissance

The term Renaissance, describing the period of European history from the early 14th to the late 16th century, is derived from the French word for rebirth, and originally referred to the revival of the values and artistic styles of classical antiquity during that period, especially in Italy.

Before the renaissance, Interest in classical literature started during the Middle Ages, then during the latter part of the Middle Ages, theologians, philosophers and writers were interested in Latin literature as well as the Latin translations of Greek literature. Studies of the classics remained primarily limited to this "class" (theologians, philosophers and writers) but that all changed fur the Renaissance. Governments followed the format of Emperors and art was mostly used for religious purposes (Renaissance Faires).

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Many sociological and economic changes occurred. Cities grew and developed during the renaissance and rulers learned to tax the people. Trade grew between cities/states and other countries. As trade in goods increased, trade in ideas also grew. Commerce and trade soon moved inlands along the major routes of trade (). Art came not only for religious purposes but for its own beauty and/or as ideas of beauty or learning. Different segments of people started studying past history, art and literature rather than Middle Age history, art and literature. There was also a shift in political ideologies. People believed that the best form of government was a republican or representative form of government. These political and cultural changes started in Italy and eventually made their way out and into other parts of Europe (Renaissance Faires).

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The core belief of the renaissance was that an individual can make a difference. Priorities changed from getting to heaven to making a difference in this world. Humanism was another major belief. Humanism was the philosophy that people are rational beings. The dignity and worth of an individual was highly emphasized. Socrates's contribution to philosophy was essentially ethical in character. Belief in a purely objective understanding of such concepts as justice, love, and virtue, and the self-knowledge that he inculcated, were the basis of his teachings. He believed in self-belief and awareness and hence contributed immediately to the growth of the core beliefs of the renaissance (Renaissance Faires)

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The discovery of the Renaissance led to a new age of development in Europe, also known as the rebirth of Europe. The Renaissance which basically involved the study of the ancient scholars' work, led to the development of various pieces of work.

It had a significant influence on painting, sculpture and architecture. It was seen that paintings became more realist. Moreover, artists modified the Renaissance style of displaying nature and depicting people's feelings. Furthermore, learning and art begun to develop during the rebirth of Europe.

Both Quentin Massys and Hieronymus Bosch were painters of the earliest centuries.

The artists' works had a deep religious meaning.

Massys paintings were majorly of the genre subjects which probably had emblematic meaning. While on the other hand Bosch's painting were based on the images of demons, half human creatures which at a greater percentage evoked fear and confusion, in order to display the evil of mankind (Anonymous). Masssys' paintings often relied on how literal the caricature is, while emphases were made on the melancholy refinement of saints, the brutal gestures and executioners. While Bosh's work contained mostly complex, original, imaginative and mostly dense use of symbolic figures (Anonymous).

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