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Revolutions marked radical and transformation changes in the entire world. They happened mostly in the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. All revolutions that range from fresh revolution, industrial revolution and the American Revolution among others happened because of some reasons. This paper looks at revolutions in terms of their advantages, a comparison of certain political revolutions and the contrasting elements.


Despite the fact that revolutions had disadvantages that may have resulted to misplacement and deaths of people, they helped change the world for better. Revolutions marked the age of modernization. They made countries think on ways that they would provide their citizens with better lives in terms of security, economic and social well being by changing the status quo. Revolutions made people, their communities and countries they lived in, independent (Richards, 2004).

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The Mexican revolution that occurred in 1910 involved political and social conflicts, in Latin and South America. The revolution helped the country gain independence. Mexico regained political and social order and led to the introduction of economic and social reforms that considerably reduced inequalities in the country. The Russian revolution happened in 1905. The revolutions that happened in Russia helped to reshape the political and social institutions in Russia.  Russian liberals challenged the dictatorship of the Russian Tsar. The revolutions helped the country to do away with dictatorship political governance and improved the social and economic well being of the country (Ball & Bellamy, 2003).

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These two revolutions compare in certain aspects. One of the aspects involve the time that the two revolutions happened. The start of the Mexican revolution came when the Russian revolution had already started. Therefore, they happened almost in the same time in the same century. The two revolutions involved opposition of the governance of Mexico and Iran together with social and economic interests. People wanted to end dictatorship and the owning of resources by the wealthy class. All these ended successfully, with the change of leadership, social and economic leadership (Stearns, 2008).


Revolutions helped to civilize, revolutionize and transform countries, in the world. Countries adopted democratic ways of leadership with equality in the allocation of resources becoming essential.

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