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Al Ain Distribution Company

Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) is the exclusive distributor of electricity and water to both home users and corporate clients in Abu Dhabi. AADC provides these services to clients found in the Eastern United Arab Emirate as well those in Al Ain city and its environs. AADC has its Head Office in Al Ain and was registered and incorporated in the United Arab Emirates on 1 January 1999 under Law No 2 of 1998. The Company was instituted as a public joint stock company subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority. AADC has managed to attain an extremely effective identify and status in the market as a result of its respect for clients, quality services and superior value it renders to the public. AADC has been able to serve its clients both at the individual level as well as at the corporate level.

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Operation management

AADC has put in place numerous operation management strategies that have led to improved performance in the company as well as making it forging ahead on a greater scale. AADC has initiated a lot of strategic thinking that has guided the developed of it key operations processes and consequently n the advantage of the development and success of the company. AADC has streamline its operations in order to address its service delivery to the clients and at the same time remain above other competitors in the region.

AADC has set up unique operating procedures for the management of assets such as the water demand forecast which outline the steps to be followed in establishing demand and metering data; power network planning and demand forecast which aid in expansion of the company's network infrastructure. Additionally, AADC uses interruption indicators procedures to calculate electricity availability and reliability. AADC has in place a dedicated customer service division that is tasked with maintaining of customer data necessary to stream line the company's operations. Furthermore, AADC finance section records and maintain all transaction in a reliable and efficient manner and thus provide control over revenue transaction. AADC human resource on the other hand facilities the staffing of the necessary human resource for the company. All the mentioned areas work together in order meet AADC's performance objectives through the efficient distribution of water and electricity to its clients.

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Environmental analysis

AADC business operations are located UAE which includes the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as place believed to be secure from political agitation and acts of terrorism. Despite the security of the AADC location, existing government policy regarding nationalization of workforce has mounted pressure to business enterprise on employing the citizenry. Consequently AADC has, failed to employ highly skilled expatriate due to this policy and thus putting quality at stake.

AADC operations draw a lot benefit from the economy of Abu Dhabi economy. As per 2008, Abu Dhabi experienced a remarkable growth at the rate of 13.3 as reported by the Abu Dhabi Economic Department reports. However, Abu Dhabi is experiencing an imbalance between the countries manpower demands and its supply in certain economic levels and this is likely to persist. With the liberalization of the World market and Abu Dhabi's plan to join the World Trade Organization, it is likely that this will result in salaries becoming more competitive. AADC can therefore find difficulty in retaining its skilled work force.

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AADC employment of some citizens is hampered by some of the UAE's Social and cultural elements. For instance the restriction on female employment particularly in the area of automobiles services business.

Performance objectives and Polar diagram

AADC has aligned its operations in order to realize overall proficiency and achievement of the company's objectives in the distribution of water and electricity to its clientele. AADC

has therefore put in place measures to ensure that its operation comply with standards necessary to promote improved performance in the various sections. AADC uses standard to ensure that its services are of high quality, a key element that has made it stand out. To meet this, AADC performs monitoring and assessment of quality of water and electricity and where necessary, appropriate correction measures done. AADC also strive to achieve other Abu Dhabi set regulation that enhances quality.

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AADC delivers it services in appropriate speed courtesy of improved network of infrastructure. With the use of improved technology such as the database management systems, AADC is able to monitor distribution of services effectively and this has enabled the identification and removal of bottle necks. Consequently, this has promoted the dependability of service delivery strengthened by unique customer management practices that has made it possible to respond and address customer's enquiries. AADC's dependability has also improved due to timely response and delivery of services. AADC distribution management system has been the key to the delivery of quality services, at improved speed. It usage has promoted dependability as service delivery are monitored in real-time and appropriate steps taken to address challenges. AADC has therefore used few personnel to runs its operations and this has cut down the cost of operations in the company.

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Through the constant monitoring of water and electricity supply and demand, AADC has been able to react to the periodic change in volume of services required. This has been achieved through the history and forecast data than has provided estimates for correcting supply of services. Flexibility in AADC's service delivery has enhanced the attainment of quality, dependability and cost management.

AADC's Strategies

AADC key to success is hinged on its delivery of services to the customers. With this in mind, AADC has expanded its Distributions infrastructure spread across Al Ain in order to cater for customers at various places. In ensuring that this distribution network work as expected, AADC performs routine checkup and maintenance to ensure that the networks are fault free and working at optimal level.

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AADC ensures that all the water quality is tested by its established laboratory services to check and certify that high standards are reached. As a reputable firm, one of the AADC goals is to guarantee its clients that hygienic and quality standards are not compromised.

AADC also strives to maintain an efficient customer interfaces so as to furnish customers with an improved access to the services it is offering and through this, customers' needs are addressed in time thus improving the company's overall performance. AADC has also done engaged itself in strategies aimed at aligning the company's operations with technological innovations. AADC has therefore developments areas such as Customer Billing, Revenue Collection and Call Centre Operation.

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Capacity and Demand

AADC understand the needs of its clients as well as the increasing demand for its services. AADC employs high technology in its ordering and request control systems and this has centralized the request of service, manpower needs and other strategic resources. Such a system has therefore improved monitoring and intervention procedures within its operations. Furthermore, the deployment of personnel, room allocation and time management has improved within AADC.

AADC capacity has been improved so as to meet its objectives. Both the equipment and personnel available has made it possible for AADC to distribute to the customers more than 41,121 M.G of water as well as a peak electricity load of nearly 1536 MW in the year 2008. AADC has achieved a correct balance between human personnel and equipment so as to provide a smooth delivery of services to its customers in an efficient and convenient manner.

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