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Alcohol and Road Accidents

This is a cause and effect essay. The essay will in particular examine the issue of accidents caused by drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Road accidents have been particularly noted to be the major causes of many deaths. Statics show that lives lost from road related accidents are quite considerable and as such there is a need for road accidents to be reduced. The essay will examine how being under the influence of alcohol leads to road accidents. The essay draws on scientific facts on the effects of alcohol on the brain and how this results to causing accidents.

Road accidents and alcohol

It has been noted that driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence as well as a dangerous practice for a driver to engage in. It has been noted that most road accidents which have taken place were caused by drivers who were under the influence of alcohol. From research findings it has been shown that when one takes alcohol it becomes dangerous for him or her to engage in a car driving exercise (Mayou and Bryant, 1994; Edwards and Grant, 1977). It has been shown that alcohol affects the proper functioning of the brain and as such driving when drunk affects the efficiency of making proper judgment and well-coordinated moves. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is quoted by the science daily on how alcohol affects the functioning of the brain. Statics collected by the BMJ show that a third of the car accidents in the US are accounted to fatal road accidents (Science Daily, 2010). Although it was noted that the young people caused more accidents, it was noted elsewhere that the alcohol affects all ages (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2004).

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According to the NIAAA (2004), alcohol has a considerable damaging effect on the brain. It has been shown that taking of alcohol has an effect on walking stability. The alcohol taker gets some difficulty in walking, the speech of the person is equally affected as it becomes slurred and the vision becomes blurred. It has also been noted that these effects can be noted as soon as after taking one or two drinks though this may vary from individual to individual. It has also been noted with a lot of concern that for heavy drinkers these symptoms may persist even after one has attained sobriety. This has been claimed to be due to the far reaching effect of alcohol on brain (NIAAA, 2004).

There is direct connection between taking of alcohol and causing of road accidents. From the analysis carried out by NIAAA (2004) on some of the disorders which result from taking alcohol, it is not difficult to draw the connection between taking of alcohol and causing of road accidents (NIAAA, 2004). The analysis makes it easy for one to realize the effect that alcohol has on the brain and resulting cause in form of road accidents when one is driving. Some of the most notable effects that the NIAAA (2004) brings to surface are blackouts and memory lapses. It is clear that if a driver has a memory lapse in the course of driving chances are he/she will cause an accident. Having a blackout will likely lead to causing of accidents where an accident would not have occurred by whatsoever means. It is also clear that a driver under the influence of alcohol due to the state of his/her mind is not in a position to avoid an accident if confronted with a situation which demands quick judgment and swift action. 

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Driving under the influence of alcohol has a far reaching effect on many parties. It is poses dangers to other drivers on the road as well as pedestrians. Apart from the potential of causing fatal accidents, driving under the influence of alcohol puts one in a position of losing a driving license and facing heavy fines in a court of law (Elbe, 2010). Young drivers have been noted to engage in reckless driving when under the influence of alcohol. Driving at high speed, when one is drunk, makes it very easy for an accident to be caused. This is often displayed by the young drivers when under the influence of alcohol.  The NIAAA (2004) particularly points out this in relation to the college students. It is claimed that college students often engage in binge drinking and as such are more likely to experience blackouts (NIAAA, 2004). This implies that college students driving under the influence of alcohol are far more likely to cause road accidents. 

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Road accidents have been claimed to be the cause of many deaths. It has been noted that a good percentage of these road accidents have resulted from driving carried out under the influence of alcohol. It has been noted that driving under the influence of alcohol causes accidents due to the effect that alcohol has on the driver. From research carried out it has been shown that alcohol has a considerable effect on the brain. The drinking of alcohol has been noted to make unstable the state of mind of a person. Alcohol has such effects on the mind that it has caused blackouts, memory lapses, impaired vision among other effects. These effects greatly affect the efficiency of driving and make driving a dangerous act. Therefore it is wise that when a person is under the influence of alcohol he/she should resort to other means of transport such as using a taxi or even walking.

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