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Miami International Airport

My favorite airport in the world is Miami international airport operated by Miami Dade department founded in 1928.It is located on 3230 acreage of land of the outskirt of Miami Town. Despite its advanced, well equipped, space free airport the management and Miami County have future plans of upgrading it further. Some of the plans are already underway in making the airport the best in the world. This is the reason why I would use my last breath recommending it to anyone in the world.

Some of the plans set to make Miami international airport a world class international victor include; capacity expansion, roadway improvements, capital improvement program, fourth runway construction among others.

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Miami's airport capacity terminal is undergoing a massive expansion to have additional seven million square feet. This strategy is being implemented through a capital improvement program scheduled for completion in the winter period of 2011.It will accommodate the ever increasing passenger and plane capacity that has been felt as a result of the attractive services being offered. (Steve Broke, airport executive, 2010)

Take off; landing and passenger roadway systems are being expanded to accommodate double the present carrying capacity. In his strategic plan of 2010 July Ken Pyatt, operations manager termed the roadway system improvement taking place at Miami international airport as the best in the world that other airports in the world would a adopt. (Miami Issue, July 2010)

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The central boulevard is being constructed and is projected to have a lift of 25 percent more than the current capacity. Improved access to parking facilities has also been put into consideration to avoid congestion on passenger getaway roads.

Miami's Cargo improvement facility program that began in1912 was completed in May this year. This program provided the airport with over 2.7 million square feet in 17 new cargo building. Congestion in airport deport has now been reported as a forgotten phenomena by the airport management committee.

In addition construction is underway for the elevated trains that will link Miami international airport and the future car rental center as well as the Miami inter-modal center. The train will move through the central boulevard. These are some of the mechanisms that have been put into place to improve on the already better Miami international airport. The airport is mainly setting plans in place that could meet the needs of the ever increasing customers.

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