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Dangerous Driving Habits

As a police officer with three years of experience responding to traffic related accidents it has come to my notice that most of the accidents occur due to habits that driver's form that I consider to be dangerous. This essay will give a brief overview of some of the dangerous habits that divers in the present time are engaging themselves in and which are making a significant contribution to the number of accidents that take place in our roads. It has also come to my notice a significant number of the drivers do not readily acknowledge the fact that they usually develop these habits which lead to road accidents. A number of them do not really care or believe that the seemingly insignificant things they do while behind the wheel often cause road accidents. It is with this respect that I will briefly explain those habits that I have considered to be the dangerous habits of today's drivers.

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Dangerous habits

Car accidents are a serious issue. As at 2005 it was estimated that the 6, 420, 000 cars got involved in accidents. It is further reported that the cost of these accidents exceeded 230 billion dollars. On average 116 people lost their lives in the USA in 2005. Around the world it is reported that every days 3000 die from accidents (Car attoneys 1).

From my observation I have noted that both the old as well as the young drivers often get engaged in dangerous driving. With the young drivers it often lack of enough that leads them to committing dangerous mistakes that cause accidents. This often occurs along interstate highways. With the old drivers it is often a mixture of overconfidence from years of drivers and at times failure of their senses due to aging. I have also noted that there are a set of habits which are quite common the young which are quite annoying and which can be avoided easily without using much effort. Such a common habit is the use of mobile devices such phones while driving especially at high speeds. Depending on the subject of discussion through the phone this calls can be very distractive making the driver lose his/her attention on the road. It has also come to my notice that some ladies often get engaged in applying make ups while driving at the same time: "Mobile phone-related car crashes are responsible for 1 in 20 highway deaths in the US, but laws to prevent them are costly, according to a new Harvard Center for Risk Analysis (HCRA)" (Enn 1).

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Driver in a rush to save time eat while driving after buying meals from their favourite restaurants. Over speeding has often been a major cause of accidents in residential places. These places often have children playing with their pets and driving at high speeds through such places is often dangerous as it becomes very easy to knock down a pet or even a child. High speeds are equally dangerous in these places because homeowners might be exiting or entering their driveways. Use of turn signals is a habit which needs to be embraced by all drivers. Failure to use turn on signals make it very hard for other drivers driving behind you to enjoy their drive. Turn on signals ought to be used when changing lanes and turning. This makes it possible for other drivers to avoid applying constants brakes which might lead to accidents. The old drivers at times often become too confident due to the driving experience they have. This at times has proven to be disastrous as they tend to drop their guard and are caught unaware in the course of driving. The young drivers have often shown a lot of selfish as they always want to have a right of way. This coupled with the thrill for high speeds which is common among the young drivers has often led to accidents.

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In conclusion drivers ought to acknowledge the fact that a simple mistake can lead to death. Drivers need to embrace the spirit of caring for each other. Drivers also need to avoid habits which distract them from concentrating on the roads. For the drivers with no enough experience it is advisable that they keep off the highways and very busy roads. Driving along the residential places should often be done very carefully.

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