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Study of Alcoholic Addiction

Alcohol abuse and addiction has been regarded as a disease by a number of medics, who perceive it as a mental disease. While this notion is debatable, it is a well known fact that, alcohol addiction is harmful to the health of the addicts and a source of pain and suffering to their families. Not only does alcohol cause diseases such as that of the liver, its abuse can lead to decrement of performance at work and school, as well as of social problems for the families of the addicted. This paper outline the various intervention measures against addiction such as giving education on the dangers of alcohol, motivating addicts to reform, offering counsel to the addicts and their families, and the use of nursing services to ease withdrawal effects. From the paper, it will be clear that, alcohol addiction can be stopped despite its severity and that reform addicts can also participate in the reformation of other addicts.

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Study of Alcoholic Addiction

Have you ever wondered why some people are addicted to alcohol drinking, yet it is a well known fact that alcohol drinking is harmful? This question has been the center of debate in the medical circles, with some medics regarding it as a mental disease (Gifford, 2009, p. 122). Alcohol addiction affects one performance in work or at school. Additionally, abuse of alcohol and dependence on it affects the cardiovascular, digestive and nervous system of those abusing it (Company, 2008, P.113). Furthermore, it is evident that spouses and children of those addicted to alcohol suffer from stress and shame. As a result, it is necessary to help those addicted to alcohol by offering them support through programs, education and other services aimed at reducing their dependence and addiction, as well as helping their families copes up with difficulty.

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There are numerous organization formed with the aim of helping alcohol addicts overcome their present addiction and dependence to alcohol. Alcohol Anonymous (A.A) is one of such group whose core business entails educating it members about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Education empowers the members of the society in fighting against alcohol abuse. Education can be done through series of workshops or training programs aimed at raising awareness on the dangers as well as providing recovery procedures for the addicted.

While it may be difficult for those abusing alcohol to accept intervention programs aimed at stopping addiction, the use of motivational talks and success stories may prove successful. Talks from former addicts of alcohol can help highlight the risks of alcohol as well as the benefits of alcohol free living. This strategy is widely employed by Alcohol Anonymous in helping its voluntary members accept to participate in addiction reform programs offered by them. This is indeed useful in changing the mind set of those addicted to alcohol.

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Does one go through emotional difficulties while living with an alcohol addict? The answer to this question is yes. Spouses as well as the children of addicted parents experience stress and pain which often degenerate into social problems. It is therefore necessary to provide counseling and support program to the families of the addicted. This approach makes members of the family cope up with the addict, as well as ensuring the success of any recovery programs through the support of the family member. This is thus a useful way of initiating change from within the family setup, rather than an outside entity like Alcohol Anonymous.

Coming out of alcohol abuse and dependence for addicted individual is a challenging task. This necessitates the use of dying-out service or psychiatric treatment and drugs to provide a cushion for the addicted as they wean out of addiction. This technique for solving alcohol addiction is beneficial to the addicts since withdrawal from alcohol often leaves them with withdrawal syndromes such as sedation, which can impair the success of the recovery program. To overcome such syndromes, alcohol addicts can be given drugs such as "alcoholic depressants" to ease the effects of the withdrawal symptoms (Schuckit, 2006, P. 59).

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Alcohol abuse and addiction is one of the problems that have affected many people who took their first bottle and never quit drinking. Though the effects of addictions are severe, it is a fact that many people continue to drink and care less. However, as a way of addressing this issue, a number of approaches mentioned above can be used to combat the vice. What is important to note is the fact that an alcohol addict can reform if the right environment is provided. The use of recovery program must also be employed with care being taken to ensure that addicts recover well. For the fully recovered addicts, it will not be a bad idea for them to spearhead addiction programs and motivation talks a strategy used by Bill and Dr. Bob founders of A.A

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