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Speed Limits

This is an essay arguing for the limitation of speed limits. Driving at very high speeds makes it very easy for accidents to be caused. Accidents caused on roads are major problems to most countries. Setting up a maximum speed limit can be tricky and will depend on some of factors.

Driving at very high speed through a populated area, for instance, through a residential area is likely to cause is likely to cause accidents. When cars are driven at low speeds it is easier to control them in case of an emergence. When driving at low speed it is easier to have a full control of a car as compared to when a car is being driven at very high speed.

Weather conditions also affect the speed at which a car can be driven. During bad weather it is wise that cars are driven at low speeds. This is because of issues such as reduced visibility and slippery roads during storms; driving at high speeds during such conditions will most likely lead to an easy and unexpected accidents.

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Though the speeds with which cars are drive on highways are often higher as compared to other roads it is advisable that the high speeds are controlled due to the number of vehicles which often use the highways. If a single car develops some mechanical problems and causes an accident then the cars behind the car will most likely be involved in the accident. The speed at which the other cars were being driven at will determine how fatal the accidents will be.

It is wise the speed limitation is enforced on cars. Driving at low speed makes it possible for a driver to control the car being driven. This is especially very important when the weather is not very good and visibility is bad. Rainy weather makes the roads slippery and hence the need to drive at low speeds.

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