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Facts about Daylight Saving Time

“Forcing children wait an hour longer for trick-or-treating is ineffective and, ultimately, torturous”, says Executive director, DST No More, Robert Gibson. DST endangers children during Halloween more than any time of the year. A law passed in 2007 provides trick-or-treaters more light resulting to more safety. Candy manufactures lobbies for DST extension adding an hour of light. This is a big holiday treat for candy industry. The law may however not be effective in forcing children wait longer hours. DST is costly in some several ways. Cities in the U.S. have different time zones and for transportation and communication industries leading to lose of millions of dollars. Bars lose one hour of drinking when DST springs forward one hour. “This has led to riots especially for bars that stay open after 2:00 a.m.,” says the executive director noting “DST can affect the bottom line of daytime-only radio stations losing the morning drive time during parts of the year.”

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The solution is “to turn just in time to add costs to American businesses but not in time to keep trick-or-treaters safe on Halloween,” said Gibson. Maryam Arif, a student at the college, says, “Daylight savings causes much confusion when it comes to dealing with people abroad, being an international student living away from my family makes it difficult for me to contact them as it is, now I have to remind them that the time has changed constantly.” Samar Alawami supporting her said, “Daylight savings doesn’t really affect me much, I find it pointless.” U.S. Energy Department study reveals no energy savings due to time-change. Gibson points out, “there is no evidence to suggest children are safer on Halloween because of time change and so many supporters brag that Daylight Saving Time is valuable because Ben Franklin devised it. DST entails ending to save and protect our communities and jumpstart the economy.” Gibson concludes.

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