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Generation Y in Japan

It is not surprising to hear that younger generation is different. According to the generation theory, each generation grows in the world; develop the set of values which are different to those generations before them. With change of time, Generation Y in Japan has become well-known, for hating to buy things. The Japanese youth is not interested to buy the motorbikes (Barrie).

Generation Y people are much interested to join the workforce and referred as millennial. They follow the builders (1946), Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964) and X (1965 to 1975) generation. Workers of Generation are more confidants, adaptable and perform multiple tasks. Generation Y is faster and harder in work as compared to other generations. They are innovative, optimistic and responsible than earlier generations. 81% employees of generation Y expect to be promoted in two years and stay for long times with their employers. They value the leadership style and like to work in large firms (Vlad and Charles 62-68). Likes of Generation Y include the shopping, friends, labels, environment and family. They like to look the world a better place. They dislike the unbalanced life styles and dishonesty.

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Generation Y is diverse and do not like Boomers. Toyota Company wants to introduce its popular models for the next generation. Toyota Company has introduced its inexpensive boxy Scion lion and appeal the youth in twenties to buy it. All car manufacturers understand that if they ignore the youth of Y Generation, they will miss their buyers (Lane et al, 128).

Behavior of people of generation Y is expected to influence the information systems of different companies in Japan. Method to develop this information system must ensure the long life cycles of these information systems. Two issues must be considered to develop these information systems because generation Y is the predominant user of these systems. These issues are as to ensure the presence of the development team and other beneficial services. It is time for software development companies to take the actions for the software development for the coming years. Generation Y is showing its interest into software development technologies.

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These people of Generation Y constitute 26 millions. It is discussed to look at the behavior of Generation Y when they become the principal customers of IT applications. They think that the internet can be used anywhere; they have the internet facility at their homes and workplaces. They use the internet and make their playmates via internet. They are common users of the Face book and twitter (Masayuki 5).

In Japan, women aged between 30 to 39 years are only 19% work in work forces. It is difficult for women to work in workforces because of cultural expectations. Women leave the job, when they are married or on the birth of their first child. All generation Y does not have the same exposure about the job opportunities in Japan. A woman leaves the job on pregnancy, which is a factor behind the decline of fertility rate there in Japan (Bernard 22).

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It is observed that Generation Y spends time on product research, merchant’s websites visiting and online banking. They purchase products online and like to do the same in the future. 95% Generation Y purchases the products online; and 75% people change the information online by adding the things online (Renee 5).

Generation Y has dominant values like self-direction, stimulation and hedonism. People of Generation Y possess the multitasking and group oriented work ethics. They communicate the other people via emails, instant messaging and other electronic sources. They are sway of advanced technologies and learn them very quickly. Generation Y has embraced the diversity and likes to work under supervision in work places. They are also called the internet generation due to their interest in computer technologies.

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Women of Generation Y show the secondary characteristics and believe that life is for living. They have self esteem and purchase both premium and value brands. They play the game of their live for their advantages. Women of Generation Y are aged between 18 to 29 years. They consider the 24 to 26 years old age is ideal for the marriage. They seek the new experience and products. Generation Y women have a vision about life as it is first to fun and then work (Lain, 91-93).

Birth of Generation Y occurred in the age of modern technologies. Children of Generation Y are interested to go into school. Teachers are respected due to their honest approach to education. They like to change their jobs and search the new jobs on online advertisement of companies’ jobs. They like to play games on computers in their leisure times. They too like the internet surfing. Generation Y demands a well balanced life, and companies are adopting these people as a part of their system. People like to make funs during their working hours. They do not consider it a separate think from their work. They like to work in a pleasant and happy environment. Generation Y does not believe in retirement and consider it non existence (Derik).

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It can be conclude that Generation Y has very optimistic views for this world. They believe in the good working environment. The likes and dislikes of Generation Y are also included in this paper. Generation Y is focused to make a comparison with previous generations. Other traits also included in this paper to understand the nature and behavior of Y Generation.

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