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Jihad and Mcworld

Jihad is an Islamic term which describes how huge swaths of human populations are ‘retribalized’ through wars and other activities that involve shedding of blood. Through Jihad, various national states are ‘lebanonized’ by means of threats where cultures, people and tribes are pitted against each other. Jihad specifically refers to war in honor of several conceived faiths, which appear to be against any form of civic mutuality, social cooperation, and interdependence amongst humankind.

On the other hand, Mcworld describes a culture where by, there is onrush of forces involving economical, technological and ecological aspects. These forces are geared towards realization of integration and uniformity of the world, in terms of attainment of fast food, music, computers and other necessities. The forces strive to homogenize nations into single commercial global networks in terms of communication, commerce, economic aspects and technological advancements.

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Both Jihad and Mcworld have varying characteristics and are termed as opposing ends of beliefs, ideologies and principles. Considering Jihad, its religious fundamentalists believe in using force to impose their views, ideas and concerns to other people. On the other had, the fundamentalists of Mcworld are solely interested in enhancing capitalistic principles across human populations and enhancing physical democracy. Democracy is a key issue that is facing challenges from each of the two ideologies. Considering Jihad, its fundamentalists believe that practicing democracy is by selling their ideas and beliefs to other populations. On the other hand, fundamentalist of Mcworld believe that democracy is only practiced through selling of products and allowing free access to these products (communication, technology, economy and other principles). Jihad’s fundamentalists base their ideas on parochial hatred while the fundamentalists of Mcworld believe in the principle of universalizing regional markets. The fundamentalists of Mcworld strive to open national boarders and allow free interaction of populations, while Jihad strives to create ancient inter-ethnic barriers and hinder human interaction.

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