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Motion picture camera was invented by Thomas Edison, this camera helped several filmmakers immensely and this contribution of Edison was a revolution.

The Lumière Brothers were one of the earliest filmmakers in the history. There were born in France, they held private screening of several movies.

Georges Méliès is known for his inventive genius, he invented several narrative techniques. His use of special effects also stands out.

Buster Keaton was mainly an actor, he later became a filmmaker. He took up comic roles which were well liked by the audience. He mainly chose silent films and his trademarks remains to be physical comedy.

Dziga Vertov specialized in making documentaries, he made documentaries that moved the audience and that were very well liked and appreciated.

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Chuck Jones was a man of many talents; he was an animator, a screenwriter, a cartoon artist and did many more things which were liked by the audience.

Orson Welles was a filmmaker, he was from America. His innovative dramatic production stood out in his time. John Ford is another very popular name; hits such as The Searchers and Stagecoach were made by John Ford. Sergei Eisenstein’s Silent film strike in 1924 was very well liked by the audience. He went on to make many more movies which were well liked by the audience.

Auteur theory states that the vision of a director is reflected in his films, auteur is derived from French which means Author.

Allegory of Cave was Plato’s allegory, this allegory focused on the importance of education. Allegory has two meanings, one is the surface level meaning and the other is the deep meaning in a text.

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Expressionist film came into being when recovery was taking place after the First World War, the actors never spoke a single word in these films. The films moved on purely on the basis of the expressions of the actors.

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