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Friends for Fun or for Help

Friendship is an important part of life. The kind of friends that one has always depends on different reasons. Some people choose friends depending on how they have fun when they are together, while others choose them depending on what they can obtain from them when in need.

Personally I would like to have a friend who can be there for me when in need rather than have those that only want fun. There are many reasons for this. Friends that only come for fun are a real liability. They will only befriend you if you can offer them something when you are together. This is true considering that fun is never a free thing. One must spend either money or something else to enjoy themselves. Therefore, a friend who comes only for fun will always be a mere liability. Any meeting will always be accompanied with the need of having comfort. This means an expense to both parties.

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However, there are people who may not have fun with you but will be there for you when you need help. These friends may not necessarily be with you all the time, but they will give you support in a difficult situation. This makes them an asset. Such friendship is not costly and wasteful. Friends who help when one is in need will not interfere with one’s everyday life. This is true in the sense that they may be absent from one’s life most of the time. As a rule you meet with them solely if you require help. It should be noted that help can be in different forms. It may come in the form of advice, financial aid or even physical work. These friends are actually concerned with the well-being of each other.

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In conclusion, it is wise to choose friends who can be there when you need them. They will ensure that life moves on in the right direction, unlike those people who only look for fun. They never add anything good to life but troubles due to the cost incurred. If all of us were friends that help each other, life would be better. Each would work for the welfare of others.

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