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Interpret the Drawings




1.What is the sectional size of the footing under the walls


2. What is the internal measurement of the master bedroom


3. What is the ceiling height in laundry WIP and ground floor WC


4. What is the roof pitch

20 degree

5. What scales are used on the drawing


6. What is the thickness of the patio slab


7.What is the size of the internal pad footings


8.What reinforcement is in the garage slab


9.What is the construction of the rear patio

The rear patio is constructed on the back side of the building.


10.What reinforcement is in the footings

3 wire F11 top mesh, F72 Top mesh, R6-900

11. What is the difference in height between study FFL/RL to the family FFL/RL


12. Describe the abbreviations shown as:

BTH Bath

FW   Foul water

WIR  Walk in robe

ENS ends

ENT entrance

LDY laundry

WIP Wash in place

DP Development Plan

FFL RL  Finished floor level reduced level

CSD Construction support document

Numerous features and benefits have made folding doors dominant in the business. They are used in both home buildings and commercial institutions. The ability of a folding door to fix at a corridor has made many people to go for it.Moreover, it has helped in saving space and reducing cost of installing other types of doors.Thus, it is preferred in small closets and partitioning walls.Nevertheless, the manufacturing of the folding doors has been able to cope with the new changes in technology. The use of durable materials such as steel and fiber glasses has ensured that a variety of products are availed to the customers.Consequently, valuable and aesthetically nice folding doors have been introduced in the market. Home industry has greatly improved with the volumes of high quality folding doors in the market today. For example, bathroom areas and toilets have embraced this technology. Limited space for erecting these facilities has increased the demand of folding doors by families. Popularity of folding doors has increased rapidly because of the existence of many sections that are used to suit the needs of the people using them.Furthemore, the possibility of a crisis occurring such as fire that can lead to the loss many lives when the door is shut has been reduced because a folding door is opened from both outside and inside.

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Technological advancement

Persistent and extensive research has facilitated the development of new kinds of folding doors. Competition among the home industries have contributed towards the provision of standard doors. Therefore, for a business organization to withstand the existing stiff competition it must be able to manufacture goods that will attract many buyers. The invention of glazing aluminum folding doors has helped in the transformation of the appearance of many homes and improved the physical environment of businesses through the development of infrastructure. The introduction of thermal glazing has complimented in the decoration of many buildings.

Opening and closing a door has been a very heavy task especially to the aged people. Some children have also suffered victims of door trap. A new technology has been developed to reduce the rate of accidents associated with the opening and closing of doors.Today, electricity is used in order to enhance automatic closing and opening of doors.However, this mechanism of using electricity has not been implemented in folding doors. Therefore, the use of couple forces has been adopted to promote the development of this type of door. In this technology, the door is moved with the help of forces that are regulated uniformly at different points on the door. For instance, when one end of the door is moved outside the main body of the door by the pivot a couple of forces act on the door hence rotates it at the hinges. The forces cause the other end of the door to exert an equal pressure on the opening/closing end of the door. As a result, the door is able to open and close when a simple force is applied on it.Moreover, the hinges are made in a manner that they facilitate the opening and the closing of the door. There are no protrusions that hinder the pushing or pulling from the pivot line. Consequently, a person can enter and exit in any direction when he or she applies a force.

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This improvement is very significant because a person is able to open and close the door even when he applies the slightest force ever. Incidences where the door falls out as seen in the conventional slide door are not encountered again in the folding door opening and closing mechanism.Moreover, the security of air pressure in the main body of the door is possible by putting a lid at the opening of the door. Thus, flapping of the door by the wind during the opening and closing process is minimized. Furthemore, designing the outside part of the door is possible as opposed to the conventional door.

The multiple link structures discovered in this mechanism aid in connecting the main body of the door to t bar between the doors in an arcuate form.This link enables the door to be in coupled position and is able to move in any direction when a force is applied. A couple of forces rotate the door at the pivot point with the help of the multiple links. The bar modifies the extension level of the track by the door length. This invention has reduced the cost of maintaining the doors broken.

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Folding doors are the best doors that should be used in order to reduce the cost of renting spaces. They are very simple to use and can be used in all sectors of life by making the world a good place to live in because of their pleasant appearance. However, we should be very careful when using doors that are made of glasses in order to minimize accidents when opening and closing the door. Moreover, technology should be embraced for us to have efficient mechanisms of door opening and closing that are friendly to everyone.

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