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Mean Standard Deviation Distribution

Males 23.5inches 1.1 inches Normal

Females 22.7 inches 1.0 inches Normal

The table above shows that the distribution of the data is normal. In such as case, we have to make the mean zero while the standard deviation to be zero. This is the main reason why the normal distribution has only one set of data tables. It would be a very hard work to analyze a data that has separate distributions for each value of the mean and standard deviation. The z-values behaves in the manner presented above.

With data above, the proportion for the males and females will vary. For example, if the aircraft aims at seating 95% of its population comfortably and safely, the standard deviation on either side of the data would be 1.96. This gives a z-value of ±1.96. The implication is that the design must go for highest value. In other words, the spaces should be able to accommodate people with long legs.

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To calculate this, we must treat the data for the males and females separately.

For the males, the sitting distance would be given by 23.5 + 1.96*1.1 = 25.66 inches

For the females, the sitting distance would be given by 22.7 + 1.96 (1) = 24.66 inches

The determination of the above decision is based on the greatest value, comfort and safety.

In order to determining the sitting distance in an aircraft, it is very vital to collect the data of measurements from a relative large group. The data will help in calculating the minimum sitting distance. However, this requires that hard choices be made first. The questions that one needs to ask include whether the entire population is to be accommodated. And if not, it is important to establish the stipulated percentage of population. One also needs to determine the amount of room that needs to be created so as ensure that all passengers are safe as well as comfortable.

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Customers’ satisfaction and safety and key are components for designing aircraft seats even though these two may seem to contradict the profit motives of the aircraft industries. Increasing the above percentage of population would mean that the aircraft aims at carrying more passengers. The designers of seat my consider increasing the length of the seat while decreasing the pitch of the seat. However, this step may risk the comfort of the clients.

It is also important that the designers be acquitted with the information regarding the target populations in terms of age and gender. The number of rows in an aircraft is also dictated by the stipulated standard of seat pitch. In most case, the height of the seat may not spell accurate comfort to the customers. The designers always aim at achieving the least possible comfort for the clients. It is very important to warn the passengers to ensure that there is minimal pressure between the surface of the seat and their lower thighs. This is aimed at thwarting DVT from taking place. The likely of occurrence of DVT depends on the height of seat and that of the knee. When a greater percentage of the population have their knee heights being greater than the seat height, then DVT is likely to occur.

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The comfort of the passengers is directly proportional to the seat pitch but inversely proportional to the number of rows. When seat heights are low, the score of the passengers comfort is higher. When the number of rows are reduced, the margin between the knee height and the low thighs is greatly enhanced which ensure comfort and safety for the passengers.

In designing clothes and shoes, size is an important factor to be considered. Shoes must be designed in different sizes and shapes. The same case applies to designing of clothes. One day I bought a pair of shoe but I could not wear them just because they were small in size.

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