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In The Name of Love

Peter smiled at Aggie; his tongue was darting out to have a taste of her succulent juices from her mouth. Aggie groaned loudly after viewing peter’s attempts to kiss her. Peter was pulling Aggie towards his mouth for a passionate kiss. His eyes were pricking with tears while pains radiated in his head. Aggie suddenly reminded peter, “Don’t you remember I was once your best friend’s girlfriend?” Aggie was once the girlfriend of Peter’s best friend who had died several months before. Peter replied “what if I cannot control myself?” I loved you since I saw you first. It is unbelievable that after the death of her girlfriend, peter now wanted to take advantage of the situation. Aggie told peter in a naïve voice “what if you leave my tender skin bruised and, my body broken?” What if we lose control of our bodies and-no it is unthinkable of what might happen. Peter had to explain the inner feeling she had for Aggie bearing in mind that her boyfriend had passed away several months before. The question that disturbed them was what the society was going to think about their relationship. Aggie thought for a while and asked Peter if he can just let go off. “The society may think that I am a bad omen” Aggie said to Peter. Peter knew well that he was in love with Aggie for a long duration and, that was the convenient time to disclose his feelings towards Aggie. On the other hand, Aggie had several questions regarding the proposed relationship by Peter. What if he dies like my former boyfriend? Will his family accept me as part of them? What if I am unable to make peter happy? These were some of the questions that made Aggie fear being engaged in a new relationship.

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Carlota and Macarena had been quarreling over one guy known as Christopher. Christopher had fallen in love with Macarena but, Carlota wanted to have an affair with him. Carlota and Macarena were blood sisters, and they had a lot of enmity over Christopher. On the other hand, Christopher had converted to being a priest after Carlota lied to him that Macarena was dead. The two sisters had a lot of bitter hatred towards each other. “What if I am in love with Christopher and, considering that I am the eldest?” Carlota yelled at Macarena. The hatred between the two sisters grew each day. “What if you are not my sister, you would have killed me long time ago” Macarena told her sister Carlota. Christopher, being unaware that Macarena was still alive had decided to join priesthood so as to serve God. He later came to learn that he had been deceived by Carlota had Macarena was dead. Carlota had intentions of marrying Christopher if he falls in love with her. Christopher had no feelings for Carlota. As a matter of facts, he had joined priesthood so as to overcome temptations from ladies. Carlota was doing all she could to ensure that Christopher was attracted to her. She could think, “What if I wear sexy clothes, will he get attracted to me?” she tried to do various evil things in an attempt to win Christopher’s heart. At one time, she thought, “what if I killed my sister Macarena since Christopher had discovered that she was not yet dead?” Surprisingly, Carlota killed her sister so as to take control of Christopher who had not left priesthood. That was the fate of Macarena. In the long last, Carlota ended up in prison for killing her sister. She had also committed other serious crimes such as killing the nieces’ boyfriend.

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