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The Youtube Article

The Youtube article concentrates on the significance of each partner’s dedication to the relationship. That is, when conflicts surfaces, each partner must take into account the needs of the other partner and works towards achieving harmony. Being kind and thoughtful are virtues that helps sustain a relationship to greater levels of intimacy. Just as stated by Dr. Gottman, when couples exercise openheartedness in communication as well as a high degree of consciousness, then their marriage is likely to survive the storms.

Relationship is all about showing concern about the well-being of the other person. The Utne article lays more emphasis on the fact that intimacy calls for mutual trust and sharing of oneself. The partners must therefore learn to understand each other. This will help in sustaining their relationship. The article stress that couples need to nurture their fondness and admiration so as to be sure of successful marriage. In other words, letting your partner’s need and values influence your life will help in building lasting relationship.

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Couples need to have something beyond themselves that keeps them together. This is because in marriage relationship, people begin to see each other’s frailties, craziness, and vulnerabilities. The real art of marriage starts at this point. Good relationships are characterized by clarity of intent, utter commitment, and self respect. Best relationship occurs when the two have some kind of practice that keeps together and contributes to their personal as well as communal growth. Without this, the couples are less likely to stay together when relationship fails to meet their interest.

When conflict arises, couples need to turn to each and not away from each other. Turning towards each other provides a foundation for emotional connections. This should happen in all things and not only during conflicts. Couples get bonded together when they turn towards each other for support. What this implies is that couple should foster to engage in conversation and words that enhances the growth of their relationship.

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