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My essay titled ‘Prevention of cyber-bullying,’ was a piece of work that laid a strong foundation in my writing experience. One thing that made me consider choosing this assignment was its relevance in the present-day settings. In fact, cyber bullying is a societal aspect of great concern to both the society and the government.   Safely, through writing this work, I developed a written argument that was organized around a central point. This is in light of the fact that this essay focused on examining the implications cyber-bullying on the teenagers in the society of the day. Most importantly, I tried to emphasize the title of the paper—prevention—throughout the paper. My argument in the paper was a true picture of good organization of thoughts around a central point.

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Coming up with this piece of work was quite involving as a writer. First, I had to go through the pre-writing stages—trying to think about the topic, researching from the library to the internet, drafting, and the fine-tuning the paper. However, my final product was worth the struggle. For example, I argued in the essay that while it is clear that teenagers of today have access to social networking sites because of a widespread in technology, there is still a way of mitigating cyber-bulling occurrences. This is in view of the fact that the platform of teenagers performing this illegal act is provided by the parents by buying their teens technological gadgets. In this regard, I argued that parents should regulate their children’s access to social networking sites by treating technological gadgets as a privilege rather than a right to their children. Further, I suggested that laws should be enacted to address the offenders and the victims of cyber-bullying. True, this was my finest writing in the semester.

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Section Two Progress Letter

The essay I can refer to as my second best was the one titled ‘The comparison between the legalization of marijuana and alcohol.’ What drove me to consider handling this work is the emotive debate it sparks whenever this issue becomes a matter of public discussion. With reference to the portfolio, this essay was a written argument that was organized about a central claim. This is in view of the fact that I was able to draw from a variety of sources of information to argue that in comparison to alcohol, the legalization of marijuana would cause more harm in the society. Additionally, I was able to point out the harms of alocohol in the modern society as well.

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            In seeking to complete this assignment, the first thing I did was to sit down and try to wonder aloud about a society where marijuana is legalized. I tried to think deeply how such a society can look like in terms of both character and productivity. Next, I sample some views from prominent members of the society like police commissioners and politicians among others. For example, former Chief of Police, Joseph McNamara, quoted, “I want to legalize marijuana use, not only in California but also federally, across the United States.” This is a clear statement that my writing skills have continued to grow as I appreciate that one can borrow a direct quote.  

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Section Three Progress Letter

Clearly, my writing skills have improved significantly. In my preliminary classes, my writing always went to a halt. There was that threat of constantly being stuck, and I always envisaged that I was having a writer’s block. With time however, writing has become more interesting to me, and I am able to embed original ideas in any piece of work that I handle. This has turned so because of my relentless efforts in seeking to perfect work and my love to listen to any tips and strategies an individual can employ to overcome a writing block. The fact that academic success depends on one’s ability to write well motivates me to put even more effort. While a common practice among many students in their writings revolves around description, one of my strengths in the academic writing field has been the ability to analyze any given information. I am also good when it comes to structuring my work particularly in the use of transitional sentences, signpost expressions, and careful paragraphing. However, I find my paraphrasing ineffective as my lecturer keeps telling me to avoid ‘patchwork paraphrasing.

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Of the two remaining essays, I consider the one with the title ‘Our states death penalty’ better.  My decision to consider writing about the issue of death penalty arose out of a discussion I was having with a friend about the issue of the human right to life. In this essay, I integrated appropriate source materials into a text through accurate use of quotation and paraphrasing. Even though I do not highly rate this work, this essay nevertheless met the requirements of the assignment.  This is in view of the fat that I was able to answer the underlying question, which was whether death penalty offers legal solution. My conclusion was a clear reflection of this: In Jeanne Woodfords article, she mentions, “Taking another life in order to prove how much we value another life does not strength our society.” To complete this essay, I concentrated on searching for information from the internet. This is because I have come to learn that apart from the physical college libraries, to a writer, the internet is an invaluable source of information. For example, I argued that apart from the human rights angle of view of the death penalty, the lethal injections are also costly to the government. 

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