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Logbook of Current Issues

Toward the end of 2010, protesters started in Tunisia, an Arab nation in North Africa and the turmoil spread to other nations like Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. In some of the aforementioned nations like Egypt, the incumbent president stepped down while Gaddafi, the former Libyan president vowed to use force to crush the uprisings. In response to the incursion, the Libyan president vowed to resist any attempts to remove him from power. He did this by giving his supporters arm in order to defend their country. Allied forces (UK, US, France, and Canada) and NATO met and took military action against the Libyan government. Civilians raided government armories and used the weapons to stage attacks in conjunction with the Allied forces against the Libyan government.

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During the war, most tourists choose to stay away from the conflict areas since they are declared unsafe. The result is declined hotel and airline bookings and the outcome is a reduced income from tourism activities. The decision by the allied forces to declare the Libyan airspace a no-go zone also affected tourism negatively. This is because tourists could not visit the country for security reasons. Therefore, the country lost a lot on money during the war thus denying Libyans the economic gains, which usually change the social status of the people. The environment is not spared by the war since bombs and weapons could be left anywhere. The bombs that reached the ground also caused considerable damage on the topography meaning that the ground was made unsuitable for other economic activities. In addition, there was a lot of noise pollution emanating from the bombardments witnessed in the country. The social-cultural fiber was also destroyed because during war communities are pitted against each other. People were divided along political lines, with some supporting the ruling regime while others opposing. Therefore, the political animosity may remain in Libya for a long time thus destabilizing the social pillars of the country.

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One positive effect about the Libyan warfare is that a dictatorial government was demolished and this paved way for the establishment of democracy. Tourists feel safe when they are in a country that embraces democracy because their interests are not jeopardized by the rule of the government. This may lead to an increase in tourist bookings to Libya, in the near future. Similarly, a democratic government will enforce ethical governance practices that will ensure that the environment is conserved. In addition, sound governance will ensure that economic gains of the country are shared fairly thus improving the social status of the people. Although the war brought various changes, the culture of the people could be eroded because the form of governance adopted was not traditional but westernized.

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In 1986, one of the globe’s worst nuclear accidents occurred in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in Ukraine. Thirty-two persons perished while the International Atomic Energy Agency approximates that almost 4,000 persons may lose their lives due to cancer-like illness after being exposed to radioactive matter. This year, the government decided to lift restrictions to the plant and the city of Pripyat to allow tourism. Almost thirty tourists are allowed to get into the plant. There are places where people can access although tourist guides fear that excess numbers of tourists may affect beautiful nature and wildlife abundance in the area.

Economically, these visits will boost the economy of Ukraine because tour guides, hotels, and airlines are set to have increased bookings. This will change the social status of the communities around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant since foreign exchange will be earned from visitors. In line with this, this area will attract developers who will build different facilities such as hotels and other recreational facilities. This means that some part of environment will be destroyed to pave the way for such developments. Such developments also result into pollution of the environment because increased economic activities result into the introduction of different environment unfriendly substances like sewage. If excess visitors are allowed to get into the site, the secondary ecosystem may be in danger due to overutilization. However, the funds raised from tourism could help in conserving the environment thus promoted protection of natural flora and fauna. The tours to the Chernobyl power plant should serve as educational platforms and engage different cultures in the morals of society. In addition to that, the socio-culture around Kiev may adopt the lifestyle of tourists, and it may be more embracing and positive about the disaster.

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The nuclear activity of the radioactive debris is said to be above normal levels. This implies that the people visiting the area are exposed to health risks that come with radioactive materials. Therefore, many deaths will be witnessed in the near future because of cancer and other diseases that are caused by radioactivity. Therefore, the social life of the people will be affected negatively because of deaths of innocent people who may happen to tourists or locals.

Sir Richard Branson started a tourism venture using Virgin Galactic commercial flights. The commercial flights will be destined to take tourists into space by the start of the year 2013. According to Stephen Attenborough, the director of Virgin Galactic, test flights have to be conducted because the safety of the clients is paramount. Today, five hundred space tourists have bought tickets already but are annoyed with the delays. Two pilots, Keith Colmer and David Mackay will steer the spaceships. Branson insists on taking his family into space before anyone else. However, the touring visits are expected to become a reality only when it will be safe to do so.

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The venture is set to increase the number of companies investing in cheap sub-orbital vehicles that will take people into space. This venture will create jobs and competition from other firms may lower the cost of Virgin Galactic tickets that cost $200,000 for a two and a half to five hour flight. This implies that the social life of the people will be improved. Tourism will also be diversified since this form of tourism is unique. People will have the freedom to choose. However, people at low socio-economic level will be disadvantaged since it is extremely expensive. This means that a common culture in on the verge of being replaced. However, continual flights may affect the microclimate of outer space. In addition to that, fumes from these spaceships will pollute an already polluted atmosphere.

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Excess trips into space may accelerate the rate at which climate change is occurring. Therefore, effects of climate change may be felt as draught or even flooding in many parts of the world. Many people may suffer from these effects duet to desertification and negative changes in rainfall patterns. On the positive side, the trips may foster integration between different cultures and lead to the promotion of global unity. However, the venture may result in intercultural relationships, implying that those that will be more influential will erode some cultures. On the other hand, positive cultural aspects could be exchanged thus help in improving how people live in deferent parts of the world. The countries involved in sharing the proceeds from this venture will be able to improve their livelihoods in many ways. For instance, some money generated could be channeled to conservation of the environment thus ensuring its sustainable utilization.

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