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Trends in the Applications Industry

New technological invention in information technology has changed the way people do things. This is because various technology firms are competing to become leaders in the industry. In this regard, many applications have been developed by different companies and are being used in many parts of the globe. The current trends in this industry depict an increase in popularity of different applications. For instance, the apple iTunes store sold more than 1.5 billion applications when it was launched for the first time. There is also an increase in demand for different applications. Some of the most notable high demand is that of games applications for both smart and feature phones at 61% and 52% respectively (Ingthorsson, 2011). Other popular applications include those of weather, maps/navigation, social networking, music and other forms of entertainment, sports, travel and household care. The trends in the United States suggest that entertainment applications are the most popular compared to others such as personal care. In other words, people are concentrating more on applications that will relax or entertain them. However, other applications such as those used in doing business are also purchased although not as much as the games applications.

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One of the main forces affecting the trends observed is the ways different applications are purchased or downloaded. Before they are downloaded, there must be a way people get to know about them. This is facilitated by the usefulness on the application. It is evident that most people learn of the availability of various applications through recommendations by friends and family members or online searches (Ingthorsson, 2011). This means that the decision to use various applications is influenced by those who have used them over time. In addition, reviews play a crucial role in influencing people’s decisions to use an application.

Some of the most popular applications that are equally popular compared to entertainment are those used in locating various points (location-based applications). Most android phones are equipped with such applications, which enable users to locate various points they intent tovisit. Such applications include ‘Tot a Go Go’, which help users to locate family friendly places (Van, 2011). Such places are those that are conducive for activities such a changing a baby’s diapers and rest rooms. This makes life easier compared to when people had to change their babies’ diaper in inconvenient points. Other applications such as the baby monitor have enabled users who are mostly parents to have an easy task when taking care of their babies. This application allows a caretaker to notice any crying by the baby while he or she is not around.

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Most applications can now allow integration of different services. This is because of the possibility in integration between Drop box and other cloud services (Warren, 2011). This allows users to retrieve documents created using different applications via their own devices that do not have to be necessarily similar. For instance, a document created using android can be retrieved using a backberry and processed further. This was not the case a few years ago implying that the trend in the applications industry is upward. It is also evident that the most downloaded applications are those provided free of charge. This means that free applications are becoming the most popular compared to those that are sold at a fee. Therefore, including the applications in the applications stores will help much in increasing the number of users. Nokia's Ovistore is one such applications store that has enabled many people to use different applications without necessarily having to download them later. This store comes with a number of applications that are ready to use and at the same time makes accessing new application more easily.

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