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Leadership Roles at Trihealth

Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth

A human resource project is a multifaceted arrangement that in characterized by various common roles that aid in driving the entire projects. There are certain common roles that are evident in TriHealth Company and are characterized by the project leader and the projects executive sponsor. The project leader in this case is delegated several duties of which he or she is supposed to give directions. The project leader seems to influence most decision made by other people in the project implying the he or she has authority over others in terms of giving direction. According to Lewis (2002, p. 140), power is critical in project because it assists when leading others to do what the leader thinks is appropriate. In other words, it is a legitimate tool to give directions in different ways. This is evident from the role of ensuring that a program within the project is implemented and processed to completion.

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Teamwork is another aspect that TriHealth seems to embrace too much. This implies that the project it undertakes in various hospitals is carefully conducted with many parties being involved. This is the reason behind the role performed by the projects executive sponsor. Any project has to have a senior overseer who is charged with supervising the entire process indirectly (Buttrick, 2002). Although the project sponsor is not involved in day-to-day running of a project, he or she is nominally in charge of a project. In a typical human resource setting, a sponsor provides an over view of a project, expected accomplishments and what should be derived from a project. This is because one of the main concerns is to realize the expected gains in a project in terms of the output. This is because a sponsor is responsible for securing funding for a project. In this regard, a project sponsor is expected to support other project leaders in order to deliver on time and within the budgetary limits. Personal interests are thus the most conspicuous indicators of most roles performed by a project executive sponsor.

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The two roles at TriHealth that are characterized by shared responsibilities are project executive sponsor and the project leader. This is because the individuals who perform the two roles have several similar tasks they perform. For instance, the two are expected to outline the expected outcomes of the project. The project executive sponsor is perhaps engaged in this because of his role in securing funding for projects. This means that he or she should ensure that the desired results are achieved. Similarly, the project leader is expected to give n outline of the expected outcome. Moreover, this role demands that the leader makes the expectations clear to other stakeholders. The two roles also require that they identify challenges that the project is likely to face. Therefore, trying to explore possible mechanisms to overcome the challenges is another shared responsibility at TriHealth Company. The company seems to be extremely conversant with the fact that teamwork is vital for success f the company. Therefore, the two roles also share responsibilities in ensuring that a project is run with all stakeholders working as a team. This is perhaps in line with the Mulally’s principles, which assert, that nothing unique can be created by a single individual without the help of others (Lewis, 2002).

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Shared responsibility in project management is a vital ingredient of success. In this regard, the company stands a chance to benefit in both short and long-term basis. Sharing or responsibilities among various departments in a project ensure smooth flow of information because of enhanced communication. This implies that ideas are exchanged effectively thus benefiting the company in achieving most of its targets in a certain project. This means that ideas concerning a certain project that is in progress are exchanged, thus boosting the entire efforts of the staff. This is a short-term effect since it works for a certain project that is progress.

Embracing a system of shared responsibilities inculcates the long-term effect culture of cooperation between different departments in a project. According to Kerzner (2010, p. 372), sharing responsibilities in a project encourage voluntary actions among various stakeholders thus boosting the entire culture of teamwork. Communication is also enhanced thus helping the company handle projects in future easily since workers learn how to relate with each another. If such gains are absorbed well by the workforce, then future engagement in a similar project will be run smoothly. This is because the team will have the necessary experience in handling such projects.

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The description of the TriHealth Company indicates that the company is obviously ambitious and thus requires strong management skills to operate effectively. Therefore, there is a need to have an additional role within its project management team is crucial. This should be done with the aim of improving support to the program executive sponsor who seems to have a crowded schedule. Therefore, seeking the assistance of a program support officer will be a wise decision. The officer’s responsibility will be to help in critical steps of a project. For instance, he or she will be responsible for preparing proposals and submitting them for portfolio considerations. This is mainly in the form of scrutinizing project proposals, reviewing, and revising it accordingly. This will help the company come up with perfect proposals and at the same time make it easy to run a successful project. Research has shown that proposal intake, evaluation, prioritization, selection, and support of a project are effective with the presence of a project support officer (Wysocki, 2011).

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