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Mandatory Military Training

National policies are some of the most issues due to the effect they have a nation. Though some policies have been known to be passed without much there are some which draws much discussion and takes long a long time to decide. Issues which touch on national securities are such that draw much discussion. The issue of mandatory military training is one such issue which has drawn much discussion in the U.S. strong sentiments have been aired for and against this opinion. In reference to the above this essay will make an attempt to show that mandatory military training for the boys and girls who have graduated from the high school is wrong. The essay presents a strong case against this opinion and counters the famous arguments for the opinion which are basically based on the patriotism and keeping fits aspects.

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Mandatory Military Training

Mandatory military training is wrong for a number of reasons. First and foremost to note is that the U.S. is a sovereign state that upholds freedom of rights. Imposing a mandatory military training on the U.S citizens would amount to forcing the U.S citizens into participating in issues they are not interested in. This clearly is a violation of the constitution which guarantees freedom of expression to the citizens; it is actually renouncing the sovereign right of the American citizens. This will obviously make many American youths unhappy since it cannot be assumed to that all of them will be interested in joining the military forces. The time that would be spent by the youths at the military camps will be a waste of time to those youths who would not pursue military training after the mandatory training (Lancaster 197).

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The second reason why military training should not be mandatory for the youths is the sensitivity of the military organization. It should be appreciated that the military industry is advancing courtesy of technology and as such military superiority does not necessarily depend on the number of personnel but rather the expertise that the available personnel have. It is obvious that introducing mandatory military training would actually introduce some form of disorganization into an organization that must remain professional at all times. The zooming in and out of the youth to the military training camps will actually tie down valuable time and military training resources which should otherwise be used to train experts in the military forces. It should be appreciated that the current state of technology in reference to war fare is advanced and training some high school graduates for some two years will amount to nothing. What the military need are personnel who posses advanced skills in the war fare issues. It is an obvious issue that today's world does not actually rely on numbers but rather on the skills available and the state of technology. Therefore it is seen as wise for a nation to invest on a small and number of personnel and make it perfect. If the U.S can only train its military personnel to commando levels it will obviously be possible to almost eliminate incidences of injuries and death during peacekeeping missions and actual war times (Law group 1).

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There have been other arguments that the incorporating of the youth to the military forces would be beneficial to the youth. It has been argued that the levels of patriotism would be enhanced and that the youth would be more disciplined. It has also been argued that the youth would be put in a position where they could appreciate the level freedom being experienced in the U.S. there have been claims that by youth being allowed to move around the world they would be able to appreciate the status of the U.S. and as such will no longer take their nation for granted (Libertarian para. 1). All these claims are true but basically they responsibilities of ensuring that the youth learn all these is not upon the military institutions but rather the family and learning institutions. If the family and learning institutions have failed to teach and develop the youth in the right way then they should be reformed in the order for them to carry out their duties.

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The military institution is a sensitive institution and as such should not be exposed to accommodating duties it ought not to carry out. This will weaken this institution and expose a country to being easily invaded.

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