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The Human Tongue

The human tongue is quite small but plays a very significant role in the life of a human being; though small in size it is very big and influential as will be seen below. This presentation is structured into two parts with the first part describing the human tongue and the second part giving its abilities which make it quite unique.

Specifically, the tongue is partly located in the oral cavity and partly in the pharynx. The part in the oral cavity is the mobile part of the tongue that is visible in the mouth and is held by a tether called the frenum. The pharyngeal part is fixed behind the mouth and anchored into the hyoid bone (Havilland, Walratha and Prins 67).

A healthy human tongue is pink in color and measures approximately four inches long. The tongue is covered with a moist pink tissue called mucosa and tiny papillae that gives it a rough texture. The surface of the tongue is covered with taste buds which derive the four common tastes; sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. However a fifth taste called umami results on tasting glutamae. Notable, is the inexistence of the commonly described "taste map" (Havilland, walratha and Prins 67).

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Part II

a. Movements

There are two groups of tongue muscles; intrinsic and extrinsic, that is controlled by the 12th cranial nerve that helps in speech, articulation, swallowing, licking, whistling and kissing. It relays information to the brain via nerves Haviland, walratha and Prins 56).

b. Tongue Conditions

There are various tongue conditions like: Thrush- a yeast grows over the surface of the mouth and tongue; Oral cancer- a growth or ulcer appearing on the tongue; Macroglossia- a bigger than normal tongue; Hairy tongue-papilla overgrowing the surface of the tongue giving it a black or white appearance (Haviland, walratha and Prins 56).

c. Unique characters

The human tongue is the strongest muscle and is located in the mouth. It is the organ specialized for taste and speech. Due to the fact that it enables one to speaks it is ranked as one of the most powerful and vital organs that a human being possess. Without a tongue it will be very hard to survive. Not everybody can roll their tongues and the tongue kisses last longest Haviland, walratha and Prins 56).

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The significance of the tongue is magnificent and tied to its many functions. Although most of the tongue conditions are treatable, we should take utmost care of the tongue to avoid those disorders as the tongue is very sensitive. Hence, though small, the tongue is huge.

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