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New York is a highly urbanized, sanitized, and contains a very high diversity of cultures. However, New York at its past has a very different state. It suffered from fiscal crisis that led it to implement wide ranges of campaigns that aim to save the city from probable destruction. In this paper, the following about the past struggles of New York will be discussed:

The city and its organizations used strategies such as spatial and social engineering, union busting and "ethnic cleansing" to promote an image of New York that is suitable for professional companies and capitalist elites. That way, the city will attract business and investments that will be allowed to flourish. However, the masses that were thrown out in the outlying districts of New York, the city people and some of the city's committees fought back these policies. The Fear City propaganda was made to counterbrand the image campaigns of the New York leadership. The justification of the Holmes Doctrine was important in counteracting the campaigns promoted by the dictatorship. However, it calmed down due to the submission of union leaderships. Due to the marginalization of cultures, different industries flourished and grew. Examples would be the hip hop music, movies and graffiti. Hip hop originally has five basic elements which promoted youth vibrancy and culture. However, due to its rise in popularity, it just became one of commercially oriented music. On the other hand, NY film makers and their dystopian characterization of NY showed the true side of NY. This showed the other side of NY behind the glits and glamour it presented. The film makers did not pursue more of these characterizations because their only focus is to reveal the other side of NY to the world. The other side which is oppression and manipulation; this brings us to the probable motive of the film makers which is to express their views and tell the truth about NY. Furthermore, the capitalist's interests are focused on the CBD of Manhattan and not the areas of Bronx. This is because they are controlled by the capitalists themselves. They believe that land is everything. And acquiring more land and areas to grow is equal to power. The more land they acquire, the more powerful and influential they become. Thus, the oppression in the Bronx continued and the urbanization and capitalism in Manhattan flourished.

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