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Research Outline
  1. Introduction
    1. The introduction will present a general overview of the topic. It will involve a general insight into the subject in question.
    2. The second part of the introduction will include a statement of the problem: learning English and adoption of American lifestyles in order to fit within the American culture.
    3. This section will involve the definition of basic terms that will lead to a deeper understanding of the topic of research
    4. Definition of terms will be followed by a theoretical framework of the research that will be needed to get an insight of the issues to deal with to have a comprehensive view of American citizenship, the requirements and the challenges involved in the process of becoming an American citizen
    5. As part of the introduction, this section will present the methodology of the research. Basically, this section will review on the type of research that will be conducted.
    6. After stating the methodology of the study, the research will present hypothesized statements concerning the topic of study. This will be a projection on the most likely position that the study will take in the end
    7. A review of literature will then follow
    8. The scope and limitations will also be presented to highlight the extent to which the research can be conducted as well as the limits that exist in conducting the study.
    9. At this point, the significance of the research study will come in handy to give the study a credit worth.
  2. Body
    1. This section will tackle the background of the study. Items to be presented will include the reasons of traveling to the United States; why people would want to be American citizens and the requirements that have been used to make people in the past be accepted as American citizens. General characteristics of the American nation. Cultures, customs and general way of doing things will be covered here. The things that will make a successful American citizen will feature in this section.
    2. Presentation of the data collected and a general analysis of the information to come up with a succinct conclusion. The information analyzed will be:-
    3. History of giving people American citizenship
  1. American common languages and their influence gaining citizenship
  2. Socio-cultural context and economic influence in becoming an American
  3. Application process for American citizenships
  4. Requirements of becoming an American citizen
  1. Conclusion

This where a concluding statement will stated concerning the issue of citizenship in America and the influence got from learning the English language and the American lifestyles. This will be preceded by an analytical summary and then the thesis reworded to give the study a firm stand that has been established based on the findings.

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