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Sexuality in the Elderly

Cocoon dwells upon the shuffleboard in the beginning, supplies of medicine, and the forged and fruitless cheers that is in old age are conventional trimmings. The cocoon is observant of the things that the spectators can share among themselves because it goes further to give a description of the miracle that the Florida group retirees escape their destiny. The movie’s conception of old age, even though it brings a picture of sympathy, it is transparent and restricted to the eyes of the young. This has made the movies suitable for any audience though narrowing its characters’ scope.

It is a movie for all generations and portrays a theme that the author has no belief in the world of the child perceiving it as a fantasy. The child should share the world with the adult in which both the generations are required. It teaches the audience to have some considerations of the meaning of different world’s like longevity, age, death, grand parenting vale and other worlds. The Anareans coming to retrieve some of his fellow compatriots on earth is a sign of love and concern for one another and the author tries to portray.

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According to Howard (1985) the old find themselves rejuvenated when they were inside the pool and be come very delighted with men’s new vitality. They received amazing benefit to the curative water. This is a sign that sexuality is also found in the old age. It author tries to portray the theme of moral dignity for the old retirees who expect respect from the young in the world. The world social order is that the young in the society are indebted to show respect to the old irrespective of their position on the earth.

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