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Students with Disabilities in Public Schools

There are six million students with disabilities in the USA what is nine percent of the general amount of students in the country. Under the law, all children have the right to free education. The government supports disabled with appropriate facilities, medical care, special equipment and the money. Students with disabilities study the same programs as others.

Despite spending $20 billion on construction of new schools, they still need a lot of improvements and additional $30 million. Los Angeles Daily News – October 30, 2011, stated that many Elementary Schools in California need repairs, because of failure to meet federal handicapped accessibility standards. For example, students in wheelchairs are feeling not comfortable in the boys` restrooms, where special equipment for disabled students does not meet the requirements of standard norms. It`s not a problem for ordinary students when the signs in the school playground are higher than the eye level, but for disabled students it has become a problem. The authorities promise that football fields, bathrooms, locker rooms among others will be fixed and repairing works in schools will start at the beginning of the next year. From the report, it has become evident that these drawbacks are the fault of architects, inspectors and construction workers. The problem is that instead of spending the money for classroom facilities, they will go for repairing.

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The analysis of the 22 Van Nuys schools shows that many of them need repairs because of failure to meet handicapped accessibility standards. The article overviews the fact that many schools in California need improvement and installation of special equipment for disabled in order to give them the opportunity to move easily on the wheelchairs around campus instead of getting stuck. It is stated that school authorities must provide better support for handicapped students to make them feel comfortable.

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