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America's Vital Interests

It is argued that with the closure of the frontier in the end of the 19th century that the Americans had seen its better days. It is according to Fredrick Jackson Turner, that the continued expansion of the United States would automatically model the American character. According to one prediction, the United States would turn its focus to North America. The United States had the right to expand its self though similarly not pushing forth its national interest but something much bigger. During the period of 9th century, the United States pushed forth it national interests through money and force. In the elimination of the continent of powers that were not hemispheric. When it turned to the 20th century, the national interests were put to hold for the purpose of ethical and normative approach to correlations with other countries. As mentioned earlier, America was on the lookout for something much more special.

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In the 1930s America were introduced to what was called realism, this approach applied the national interest approach as the foundation (Andersen, 2010). The German, émigré Hans Morgenthau was the person who introduced Americans to the thought of realism, which he called a ‘powerful mind.’ He told Americans that they are to arm themselves and away with Axis and later the Soviet Union. This was because the leading interest of the nation was being threatened. “International politics, like all politics, is a struggle for power,” he stated.

Morgenthau was moral by nature, his theory, which was argumentative in nature, was based on how states ought to carry out themselves. He was of the view that if states pushed their national interests with no good basis for them, they would eventually lead to a collision with other countries. Their interest were wide contributing to the policy of expansionism otherwise known as Imperialism which has to be tackled by the state that is being oppressed and contribute to war. Countries that apply national interest as their policy they are being moral.

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Today Americans are making more than what they are able to use through foreign trade which is becoming which a significant factor in the industrialized American economy. Approximately $ 400 million of goods were exported; this figure then layer increased $1.4 billion. This led to the desire of taking colonies for the purpose of marketing.

National interest is wide and focuses on a large number of things for instance defense, national security, economy, foreign and local commerce, foreign relations and state affairs. The reason as to why the term national interest is so difficult to define is based on the fact that it is so varied and goes a long way to several points in our normal and recurrent lives; it therefor becomes difficult to define a single area. This may become easier if it was a bigger area. In addition to this focus, the defense of the nation and its interests require the availability of a military that is composed of several sections. It hence becomes our national interest to have a rigid and able military.

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According to Peter Trubowitz, he presents an interesting thought on the American foreign policy and local geopolitical forces that model it (Trubowitz, 1998). He states that that foreign policy is based on American’s regional variation. This variation in the economy has led to bring a new picture to regionalism as a strong force in modeling fights of national interests. Politicians have from the varied parts of the country have aligned their interests with the national interest. A domestic interference is the result over how to define the national interest is what is accrued.

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