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NASA is an abbreviation that stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which is an agency of the United States of America and deals with the research of aeronautics and space programs. NASA is an important agency in the united for providing a better understanding of the earth is moving objects through earth observing system. It also helps the citizens to understand heliophysics in collaboration with the Heliophysics research program. Observing bodies in the solar system is also a duty of NASA, which involves the observation of all the planets, the Sun and the moon. This is an important role not only to the people of the United States but also to the whole world. NASA is involved in the research of Astrophysics topics that deals with astrology like the Big Bang.

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The agency collaborates with some major organizations that deal with global issues like the Greenhouse observing gases satellite. NASA is involved in both manned missions like testing for equipment of manned flights. It independently caries out scientific research. The mission of NASA is an important entity in the government of the United States. Its cooperation with the greenhouse investigations gives a lot of weight to the organization. The question of president Barrack Obama cancelling a scheduled project constellation is debatable. This is because the launch of any project requires some budgetary allocation that must factor in all related aspects. America at this time was facing an economic uncertainty and could consider the priorities. The project could be given a later date. Cancelling this project meant a great demoralization to the managers and pioneers of the project who must have got embarrassed. The government of the United States should give some weighted priority to the project given that during uncertainties, minimizing the budgetary allocation is inevitable to tackle the main problem at hand.

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