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SunPower – Main Competitors and their Features

In a world when every action should be considered from the environmental point of view, SunPower Corporation brings products and services which should be awarded with the best praises. Installing sun panels in the great majority of the homes all around the world is a concept that will surely decrease the harmful activities humans do, which have caused damage to the environment. However, an important question remains: is SunPower Corporation a business worth investing in?

There are many skeptics who claim that the concept of installing a sun panel in a household will not survive in time. Nevertheless, the number of people who have decided to make this investment has grown considerably in the last decade, which leads to the thought that this business is very profitable. Furthermore, as time goes by, the amount of pollution and harmful substances will increase, leading the human nation towards struggling to find ways to save the environments. Therefore, why not start right away by installing a sun panel and sue electricity no more?

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There is another factor to take into consideration when it comes to considering if SunPower is strong enough to invest in. Before making an investment as important as this one, a person should research the competitors of SunPower and see how each of them is doing, comparing to this firm. Amongst the most imposing competitors of SunPower, the ones that are worth mentioning are: Canadian Solar Inc., JA Solar Holdings Co., Kyocera Corporation, Sanyo Corporation and Trina Solar Limited.

Canadian Solar Inc. is definitely the most threatening competitor of SunPower Corp., as they export their products to the American citizens at lower prices. However, according to a statement developed by its executives, the company does not agree with the U.S. petition filed by the American International Trade Commission. This and the fact that clients have to wait longer in order to receive their products are two important disadvantages which have lowered the appeal of Canadian Solar Inc.

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Two other important competitors, JA Solar Holdings Co and Trina Solar Limited face a problem that SunPower has been lucky not to have. They have very poor demands of solar panels, because of two reasons: the high prices available and the Chinese subsidies they have to offer. SunPower has multiple loyal customers who have been extremely pleased with the products and services and who have constantly told their acquaintances and friends about the company. This is why SunPower focuses on developing strong relations with their clients. Their success is depending on the way people see them. Until now, their image seems to be one that can be trusted as more and more people turn to them rather than their competitors.

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Lastly, there are two more competitors who have the solar panel industry as a secondary branch of their entire business. Sanyo Corporation and Kyocera Corporation are two successful businesses which, however, focus on the design and production of electronics and mobile phones. This is a large disadvantage when it comes to investing in the solar panel domain because not many people see them as companies reliable for these products. However, they seem to have quite a few clients who appreciate their work in the domain.

All in all, SunPower has proven itself to be a very trustworthy company because of multiple features. Furthermore, when it comes to investing in a solar panel business, SunPower has what it takes to offer stability and safety for the invested money. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in a serious company that treats its clients with seriousness and respect, then SunPower is the right choice, rather than any of its competitors.

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