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Welfare is a wide dialogue that holds certain implications concerning the provision of minimal stage of happiness and public support for all people. It is an investment by a particular society for all citizens. Sometimes it is considered as the happiness or the well being of an individual. Welfare takes the varied forms, including monetary payments, subsidies and health care services. In most cases, welfare is provided by governmental and non-governmental bodies or both. Welfare programs, especially in the developing nations, are directly financed by the governments or social insurance models. Welfare system varies from one nation to another, but it is mostly provided to unemployed individuals. This is especially to individuals with critical illness, disabilities or ageing.

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The virtue ethics to welfare is desirable in the society, since it is a fundamental element of god relationship as dependencies in the life of human beings. The human welfare is equated with the subjective, individual experience of a positive feeling. An individual progress in life, his or her experience, are associated by varied emotions state that are either positive, negative or both (Haerens, 2012). Since people define well-being as subjectively felt experience, it follows the ideal measure and perfectly tracks the way people feel. Such feelings or perfections may be theoretically achieved though applying the virtue ethics. Virtue ethics is a good characteristic or the desirable feature that one poses. These features are desirable in a particular society, because well-being can be achieved in case one has virtue ethics. Moreover, welfare can be determined through the experiences of an individual. Thus, issues of social welfare has been inherent in ethical terms of rights and responsibilities. Given the opportunity, people will do what pleases them. In a welfare state, people may receive sustenance without working for it. However, the desirable features of moral ethics are essential in a society. This is because, the wellbeing of individuals can be achieved and even it easy is determined, in case virtue ethics exists.

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The moral theory of ethical care seeks to maintain relationships through contextualizing or promoting the well-being of care receivers. In most cases, the ethical care affirms the significance of caring motivation to the needy individuals in the society. Care ethics as a distinct moral theory is often attributed by the works of the psychologists. One of them is Kantian, who invented the theory of utilitarian ethics (Haugen and DeMott, 2008). The virtue of care ethics is attributed by a number of varied moral issues in ethical field. Additionally, some economists apply virtue ethics in the way they focus or view the world. Some of the economists argue that virtue ethics involves the evaluation of inherent characteristics. Thus, virtues are subjectively evaluated depending on the characteristics of an individual or an organization in which they occur. However, care ethics can promote a kind of slave morality. This is through having serious problems including essentialism or ambiguity. Care ethics is widely applied to varied moral issues and in ethical fields. Sometimes, care ethics can have an impact on the welfare. This is because individuals may receive care ethics, such as monetary payments, but this may affect work incentives.

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One of the ethical approaches, which are strongest to the moral issue of welfare, is the care ethical approach. I have chosen this approach, because it is widely used in many ethical fields and it is widely applied in many societies. The care ethics have been criticized that it is a kind of slave morality, which has shortcomings. However, the care ethics approach is applied in many areas. This is because, through care ethics, people may receive the welfare from different government and non-governmental bodies (Billy, 2009). Although care ethics is not synonymous with the ethics of feminists, a lot has been written about care ethics as feminist ethics. For instance, care ethics is applied in a number of areas, such as nursing or motherhood, international relations and in political theory. Thus, care ethics is a fundamental ethical theory, because it takes into consideration the wellbeing of human beings in a society.

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