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The Importance of Personal Accountability

Sometimes the biggest challenge in life is not only in what our colleagues do, but it is from within our inner self. Personal accountability therefore, helps us make a miraculous stride in our lives. This is achieved if each individual accepts responsibilities for outcomes of what they create instead of directing blame on another person. Being accountable therefore enhances one's focus and one will easily achieve his or her goals in life. Personal accountability is very important for every person either involved in fraternal life, college life and life as a whole.

For a person in college, personal accountability is important in order to achieve success, one has to be focused and be in a position to organize his or her duties. One should for example, organize the activities he or she will be doing at a particular time and place, he or she should at all cost avoid procrastination. This will provide a humble time in college and there will be no last-minute rush in doing one thing or another, these activities will be addressed at the right time if proper time management is maintained.

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Another part where a person in college should show personal accountability is the use of finance, most students do not have their own sources of income and they should wisely use the money they are given by their parents. A student should use finance in an order of priority where basic needs are satisfied before wants and other luxury items, One should also be accountable in their social life, the choice of friends is very important because what your friends do is what will always determine what you do ( Wurtzel, 2006). Friends are the most influential people and one should therefore have a criterion of choosing friends he or she wants. A college student will be able to achieve his goals if the friends he has are hardworking and determined. A person in fraternal live on the other hand, should show personal accountability because this helps him or her in administering duties endowed to him or her. It will also help in ensuring equality and no one is undermined in one way or the other (Miller, 1998).

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Finally, in life as whole, personal accountability is the driving force for a person who would not want to live with regrets, if a person is accountable; he earns respect from those around him and will always have solutions to any wrong thing that happens within his vicinity.

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