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Heroes in aviation can be classified into three parts namely, the founders of the idea of aviation, the first group of people to design the aircrafts and the current pilots who are taking aviation to greater heights.

Founders of the idea of Aviation

In the category of aviation, the first heroes classified are the initial people who came up with great ideas about the possibility of a flying machine up in the sky. Leonardo da Vinci in his drawings showed that just like the birds of the sky, it was indeed possible to design machines that fly in the sky using the mechanisms of the bird. George Cayley, renowned as the father of aviation also contributed a major idea towards development of aircrafts. He thought it out by developing some gliders that were powered by air mechanism to over fly the sky. With this, he manipulated the shapes of the gliders and was able to get that idea of power generation.

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Hero of Alexandria also saw a possibility of production of power by use of steam. This was a well thought-out idea since its being used today in aviation field to generate power. Otto Lilienthal also build a glider that flew one person onboard and it flew for very long distance. He later dealt with aerodynamics and wrote a book about it. These great people have been the major heroes in the aviation field, since what they thought those days have come out to be the truth and have been put into action (Driggs 78).

The first group of people to design the aircrafts

Then there were those who put into action the ideas thought earlier and combined them to come up with a flying machine. They are classified as the second heroes in aviation. The Wright Brothers are famous people in this field of aviation. They were the first guys to build a heavier than air machine that could stay in the sky for a long time. They started by testing the ideas used by gliders then integrated them together and were in a position to make a great plane that they flew it in the sky. Glenn Hammond Curtiss was also a major pioneer developer. Working as a bicycle mechanic, he was in a position to develop various engines used in aircrafts. He was later used as a test pilot in many competitions with aircrafts.

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The development of plane in this world has been greatly influenced by this pioneers who had passion with aviation. With them, aviation field has progressed on greatly. This is so because during the first and second world wars, planes were mainly used, thanks to our pioneers. With this, there was a major step towards this field, because having this as their backbone, they have moved around the world and have made great impact, and thus they are considered the heroes of aviation.

Current pilots taking aviation to greater heights

Pilots today are classified as the third group of heroes in aviation. Since the aircraft industry has become prestigious in most parts of the world there has been a need for pilots in most countries. Flight instruction has been availed in almost all parts of the United States of America with those who wish to learn piloting being taken to various parts of the world for the purpose of acquiring the best skills in their trade. This trend has emerged since the society has recognized the need for effective pilots (Whitlock & Barnhart 103).

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Most visitors who wish to travel around the world prefer using the aircraft. Pilots are the most important people in aviation as they are the determinants of the industry. They are in a position to take the industry to greater heights by providing the best services to the customers or destroy by causing frequent accidents. Most people are encouraged to train as pilots as the industry is continually producing new and sleekest types of planes.

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