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Language Development Theory

The Nativist theory on language learning was proposed by Noam Chomsky. The theory proposes that we are born with certain language rules in our heads. Chomsky explains that we are born with the language acquisition device which facilitates the language development process. This theory suggests that children are exposed to minimal formed language yet they are able to learn the full language all the same. The theory proposes that the child's biological capability to learn a language is necessary for language development. Therefore as the children mature they are able to learn the language and become better speakers.

Interactionist theory argues that children are motivated to learn language by the desire to communicate amongst themselves and other people. This theory proposes that language development is both social and biological. The theory further proposes that conversations with other people can lead to cognitive and linguistic development in children. This theory agrees that children are born with the ability to learn language but social interaction is necessary in development of the language

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The behaviorist theory proposes that language is learned from role models in a process that involves imitation, rewards and practice. For example children attempt to imitate speech patterns and sounds from adults and receive praises (rewards) for their effort. This theory leaves one with the question; will language development cease in absence of rewards? Language vocalizations that are not reinforced are eventually lost and the child acquires the vocalizations that are reinforced. Children continue to learn the language as they grow up through imitation.

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