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The Movie “Up to the Air”

The movie “Up to the Air” is up many problems of the individual. However it has both open and hidden themes, which are revealed only in the end of the movie.

The first obvious theme is the problem of the mental disorders that people should fight after being dismissed from their job, the impossibility to rebuild their conciseness after hearing of the fact of loosing the job. At the beginning of the movie it can be seen the scenes when the main hero Alex tells for one of the worker, that he is fired. The watcher can see that the reaction of the man is if he has lost the most important thing in his life. The second theme is the human position in life. Alex dream is to reach the point of 10 million of miles being on the plane, which gives not only the award and benefits, but also the honor and respect.

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At last the main theme of the movie is the human moral values. It can be seen in the both cases: loosing the human effect and the feeling of loneliness and evaluating what is the family. The first case describes the moment when Natalie had an idea to cancel all the vacations and start to dismiss people with the help of internet and the web camera. However, she realized how it become unmoral according to the people, when her boyfriend decides to split up with her and sends the only message. The second case is revealed in the end of the movie. Alex didn`t think at all about the question “What is loneliness”. All the time he was among the people on the plane, at his work, even he had a woman that was also around, when she was needed. However, the real evaluation “What is loneliness” came to him at the end. We see footage from the interview s with the staff member who said: “Without friends, family, I would not cope”, “It would be much harder if I had been one”, “When I wake up in the morning and see the wife, I know that I have a goal”, “it's not about money, with the heat, you can pay bills, buy a rug, but they never will warm me like my husband”, “ I've got to get up, get out, find something. I live for the sake of their children, for families”. Alex hears these things lots of time, but has never evaluated their real meaning. Only at the end of the movie he realizes that he is lonely indeed and returns to the place where being lonely he can be happy – up to the air.

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If to analyze the film according to the general five elements: narrative, acting, cinematography, editing and art design, the general picture is completed.

From the point of the narrative flow the picture is very interesting. First of all the events are following in the chronological order and is linear. This helps the watches don`t be lost in the variety of places that the movie describes and be stick to the general idea. What is more, from time to time it can be heard the internal thoughts of the main hero, which make the watcher closer to his emotional atmosphere. The interesting thing is that the drama includes the parts of comedy that also keep the watcher close to the heroes.

The actors play is well-done. The main actors of the movie are George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman, Amy Morton, Melanie Lynskey and others. The acting is dynamic. George Clooney played very realistic and transferred all the feeling of his hero to the watcher.

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From the point of cinematography, the movie is well done, however one can say that it was released in the 2009 year. The usage of the old technologies can be seen in the scenes. The light can be better in the night scenes. However, the movie is not boring in terms of variety of the casted scenes from different positions. There are many scenes of the air, of the night cities that allow the watcher completely transfer to the place with the heroes. The music supporting underlines the theme of the episodes in the film perfectly.

According to the editing, the tempo of the movie is very fast. The film was casted in the 5 cities that are shown to be the 20 in the movie. First of all the plot of the film make it fast in the tempo: lots of people passing every minute, lots of races arriving, lots of people`s problems with the jobs, lots of actions, lots of places.

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The design of the movie is well cohered. The images of people are responding to their roles and characters. Alex is always in the strict costume and with black suit case. Natalie has the same strict clothes and very little make-up that is oppositional to Vera, who always has the intensive make-up and colorful clothes. The location changes with the movie. It can`t notice the same places, when according to the film it should be different. The used effects of trembling on the plain or the snow in the scene are very natural and show the reality of the scene.

The movie is based on the director`s style. First of all, it can be judged from the plot: the man is flying to another town in order to dismiss someone from work. It can be seen the strict scenes of the conversation between Alex and the person who is going to be fired, the relationship between Alex and Natalie, Alex and his boss. What is more the image style of the characters underline the general director`s style.

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To my mind the film is good, truthful and easy to view. The plot is simple, easy and is very relevant. How the relationship can not be relevant? The movie forces the viewer to think on the problems that have been raised up in it and to compare the life of the heroes with our own. The picture makes wonder. I loved the George Clooney play, actually he can`t play bad. However should also admit Vera Farmiga, whose play was even better than in the picture "Run without thinking". To my mind the movie is worth wasting 90 minutes of the time, because even if on can think that the problem of dismissal is not for him, the moral issues and the theme of the relationship will be relevant always.

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