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The Southeastern Conference

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) as an integral part of the National collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) plays a significant role in college football. Football being a maverick interest in college sports commands the attention of a remarkably high percentage of sport fans across America and Europe (Scott 208). Among the conference affiliates of the NCAA, the SEC football is the toughest and the most vigorous in the college football leagues. This has led the SEC to secure a greater audience base and fans. The conferences audience is not confined to its territory but extends to territories commanded by other conferences as well.

The success of the SEC in winning the national championship in the past consecutive years has made it the most respected and popular conference in the NCAA (Wolverton 2009). The SEC football is the toughest and the most invested of the entire sports it encompasses. The level of the sport is excellent in its performance as well as its management; hence it has leading position in the conference. Since its inception in 1932, (Roza, IV) the SEC has strived to demonstrate a better front by presenting the most formidable teams from all its affiliate institutions. The SEC’s strategy to establish its authority and command the greatest audience base is a result of a variety of factors.

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In most sports organizations conflict as a result of infractions and disciplinary deficiencies have led to failure of the sport they represent. The SEC, in its endeavor, has instituted a framework and methodology of dealing with infractions and indiscipline to provide a disciplined and efficient front (Compliance Task Force report). In its efforts to ensure professionalism and ethical representation SEC established a task force on compliance and enforcement. The task force is mandated with instituting policies and procedures, which ascertain that the rules of the NCAA and the SEC are observed to the later.

The presence of regulatory bodies and systems in the SEC has provided assurance of corrective measures being taken immediately once a problem is identified and provision of a solution thereto. The sport quality and preparation of teams is unimpaired as a result of infractions by any of the stakeholders who include players, coaches, institution staff or any conference members. The SEC has ensured that the superiority and integrity of its sports is impeccable. These have enabled the conference to present a robust, supreme front, which is captivating the audience and giving them a thrilling satisfaction of college football.

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The rules and regulations of the NCAA are a benchmark in implementation of policies and procedures by the SEC. The SEC imposes penalties on any party that is found to have infringed its rules and those of the NCAA as stipulated in its laws and bylaws (Compliance Task Force report). These are efforts to control erratic and overenthusiastic fans. The SEC has zero tolerance of violence and abusive or harmful activities by fans or any other disgruntled stakeholder. It’s policy of the SEC that all complaints and reports of any nature should be made procedural through the right channels.

The SEC has ensured that allocation of sufficient funds to its affiliate institutions is made. The adequate availability of funds to its member teams has enabled the development of strong teams, whose competitive advantage is significant in contrast to opposing conference teams. SEC football, for instance, requires sufficient funds in training and other programs. The SEC has invested in training programs for its team members by allocating funds. The contribution of the SEC to the well-being and training of its members ensures that the teams are prepared adequately and motivated to face with any other opposing conference teams.

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The SEC in its effort to emerge as the superior conference has opted to the formation of leagues within the conference. The football teams in the SEC conference are provided with a vigorous match up schedules. The football games within the SEC conference lead to integration of the conference spirit and creating of sports rivalry. The rivalry between teams within the SEC conference has enabled the most efficient and strongest teams to be formed. The SEC then presents the strongest and toughest team against the opposing conference. The team building, preparation and motivation by the SEC have led to its presenting the most formidable teams in the NCAA. The prowess of these teams has been evidenced by their efficiency and effectiveness in the sports arenas where they emerge national and state champions of the NCAA.

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The financial backing of the SEC by its affiliates and sponsors makes it the most financially viable conference in the NCAA (Wolverton 2009). The SEC has ensured its affiliate teams are provided with modern facilities. These facilities contribute to the physical health and fitness of its teams. The SEC has established itself by building several football stadiums that are adequately equipped and maintained. The audiences in these stadiums are provided with a live experience of the SEC football games. The SEC has ascertained that all its stakeholders are satisfied with the level and quality of its services, hence its strong and tough football games.

The facilities created by the SEC are an investment in its teams and an effort in satisfying all parties vested in college football games. The SEC coaches play a significant role in training the teams. Their contribution is not limited to the sport only, but they have a vested interest in their player’s academic and social well-being. SEC’s contribution to the development of its football players has led to its player’s emerging among the top players in sport and eventual draftee’s in the National Football League (NFL) upon graduation. The SEC standards cannot be compromised. The vested interest and participation of all stakeholders in the SEC have made it the most challenging and toughest league. The SEC’s leadership in the NCAA is undisputed in terms of football standards, facilities provision for its players and support given to its teams. Its revenue collections in ticket sales for each game is unmatched by any other affiliate conference of the NCAA (Scott 208). This is a positive indicator that the SEC football is the most popular and commands the highest audience base.

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