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The Unreal World

The main point of the author is the formal generality of law is self-knowledge and the truth of living in the unreal world is in the spirit.

The imaginary world is a term used to refer to an ethical world. This world has a faithful soul, meaning that is inculcated by the general application of law, which is promoted by different personal information. All the realities associated with it are based on its ability to survive this kind of life. They are also associated with the secure belief of supernatural powers that control the destinies of the spirit and clear and deep perception of the situation of unfathomable understanding. Conflicts in the unreal world are perceived to be, because of the differences in individual and societal beliefs on a phenomenon (Pg. 442-3). This perceives emotional attachment existing between individuals to be because of supernatural control beyond their reach. The author demonstrates the use of diction in this area by using the word conflict to refer to all the differences that might exist in an emotional attachment.

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The truth of living in an ethical world is in its spirit. On the other hand, its self-knowledge is the formal generality of law. The world of culture has hard realities to grasp associated with it, on the other hand, the reality surrounding the world of faith and insight. Morality resolves the conflict between these two modes. The appearance made by the absolute spirit is the only one among the attitudes, based on its actual self-consciousness. The spirit separates its instants, either in moments or in consciousness. Consciously, the moral act of an individual and the separated work that is already accomplished serves as a middle term between the two by individual conscious agent (Pg.444). Ethical existence requires personal morality and personal knowledge on the formal generality of law. Conscious agency among members of the society is work that is accomplished adequately in the unreal world surrounded by belief and perceptivity.

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Reflection of the distinction between agent action and moral substance is by a system of laws and customs. This ethical substance is divided into human and divine law. An individual, who is stressed by contradictory law, either knows or does not know the consequence of his/her actions. This, in the end, end up tragically destroyed in the process of the conflict. The tragic incidents enable individuals to learn to progress beyond the adherence to law and custom. This way, the agents can make conscious decisions to ether obey or disobey. Logical existence involves ethics and law. It is logical that individuals progress beyond law and custom. The technique used is comparison i.e. the author compares agent action and moral substance in legality.

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The spirit is self-redemptive and its ethical life readapts itself into ethical relationships. Just as the thing concentrates between individuality and universality, ethical laws resolves themselves into individual and universal laws. Commonality realizes itself in the plurality of existent consciousness. The spirit is perceived as the human law, based on its self-conscious actuality. Its component day light sway lets individuals to go about their business and this shows the general assurance of individuals. The spirit is extremely particular to the government, but assures itself in individuals in a general manner (Pg. 445).

The official generalized governance of individuals is achieved through self-knowledge. The conflict that might arise in the process because of contradicting modes is resolved based on the conduct put forward by the society and codes of conduct accepted by the individual’s own judgment. It; thus, helps in the formulation of theories of ethics and acceptance of universal morality. The immediacy of the spirit in the ethical life of people of individuality in the social world enables advancement to complete consciousness almost immediately through complex stages that are realized, not in separate individual consciousness, but in a collectively socialized world (Pg.446-7).

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In conclusion, in the unreal world, which in this case refers to the world of the spirits, there are high standards of morality and ethical behaviors. Different people perceive the spirit world differently based on their cultural and religious beliefs. The sources of conflicts are based on differences in perception of individual and group matters. The resolution of tragic destruction that might result from these conflicts lead to progressive normalcy in the individuals’ day-to-day activities. It also aids in the achievement of general assurance of the individuals.

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