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Conquest is the act of conquering, defeating, or subjugating. On the other hand, contact refers to the close interaction between two items or among many. From the definition, of these two terms conquest suggests dominance while contact implies exchange. This study paper seeks to explore the subject of whether American history from 1492 to 1763 can be best understood as an era of conquest. During this period, there was widespread slavery in America and history at this time can be best described as conquest. This era saw the beginning of the slave trade in America with the first Africans getting to America in 1619. These Africans came on a Dutch ship to Jamestown, and they were for sale as indentured servants. By the early years of 1700, the slaves had already formed a large part of the colonial population. This was a significant threat to the Americans as the black people came together to revolt against their being slaves and properties for the whites. This study paper will analyze American History during 1492 to 1763 with a major focus on slavery and the dominance of white people over black people.

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Louisiana Black Codes of the Slave Era, 1865 outlining the rules and guidelines people had to follow during the time[1]. "Section 4- No Negro or freedman shall reside within the limits of the town of Opelousas who is not in the regular service of some white person or former owner, who shall be held responsible for the conduct of the said freedman". For instance, section one talk of restrictions on movement of Negro or freedman in Opelousas town. For any black person to access the town, he, or she had to seek exceptional permission from the employer and stating his or her reason for the visit. This is an indication of conquest of Americans living during these times. The American citizens cared less about the well-being of non-Americans and all they cared for was their work to be done. The spread of Americans to other areas or lands was to mainly colonize the people and take over anything that was of importance to their development. In the process of colonization, the Americans started to even own human beings as they would do for their properties. The black people were properties of the white people and had no say over their lives, what they ate, where they lived, or the work they did. The existing relationship of America and other nations was that of exchange, and the greatest item of exchange during this period was freedom. The definition of freedom during this historic time was tremendously different from the current times, and it cut two ways. It was difficult to imagine United States as a land free of slavery as this was the main trade in the country. Freedom had two perspectives in this era- religiously and racially (retrieved from the website). On the religious context, the understanding of freedom was as from God citing the exodus. Freedom could also be defined from Anglo-Saxons aspect hence Hengist and Horsa. On the other hand, freedom went hand in hand with race that meant that whites had more freedom s compared to the blacks in the United States.” She had often asked white people why God should have more mercy on Anglo Saxons than on Africans”

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No Negro or freedman shall reside within the limits of the town of Opelousas who is not in the ordinary service of white individual or former owner[2]. "Any freedman not residing in Opelousas who shall be found within the corporate limits after the hour of 3pm on Sunday without special permission from the employer or the mayor shall be arrested and imprisoned and made to work." The introduction of slavery in America was a clear indication of conquest with no black person having the right to own property of any kind. The rules also restricted any meetings or congregations by black people under any circumstances or purpose without getting permission from the mayor of the town. The restriction extended to the slaves’ religious affiliations whereby they were not allowed to preach or join any religion. “Freedom was understood as from God (hence Exodus), but also from Anglo-Saxons (hence Hengist and Horsa). So there would be some measure of religious freedom for whites, but people of color would be often ignored or marginalized in this new approach to liberty.” This was strict especially where the whites went to church no black was to be near. It is almost certain that the Americans were dominant over other people especially the black people in United States. There was division in America- North and South America just because of the slave trade. There were those Americans who were in support and need of the slaves and those who considered black people as human beings with equal rights. “ African Americans such as Haynes immediately recognized that if America was to fully embrace the notion that all men are created equal, liberty would have to be further extended to people of color and slaves” .The collapse of reconstruction was a sign of the conflicting ideology on the matter of slavery as the Northerners and Southerners debated on the matter. The southerners voted for the continued of the slave trade as the northerners protested against the practice. The machinery put in place to help stop slavery under the reconstruction era was unsuccessful due to the different notions on the beneficiaries of the move. Former slaves also played a significant role in the failure of reconstruction as they felt their interests missed in the blueprint. The Northerners’ who were in support of the freedmen recalled their military support that had a negative impact of the freedmen struggle[3].

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The period of 1492 and 1763 had created a considerable division in the United States following the slave trade[4]. There were two main divisions and then later on the freedmen came up with their group seeking justice and freedom. This was in the wake of reconstruction where America wanted to retrace its earlier steps and come up with a more unified country.” After 1492 native Americans lived in a world every bit as new as that confronting transplanted Africans or Europeans”. For this to be possible, the country had to give up the idea of slavery and grant the black people their freedom. Their conquest was not impressive as they now faced objection from the other people who did not have a voice in the past. “ with the revolutionary movement black slavery became excruciatingly conspicuous” this showed the level to which the blacks were humiliated and oppressed. The main goal for reconstruction was to reconcile and emancipate the Americans and freed men. The country needed to heal from the past events whereby people did not have freedom and took advantage of each other. The period saw a transition from a country full of the slave trade to one that needed to bring justice to the former slaves. The southerners still being in need to have slaves rejected the reconstruction idea and pushed for some amendments on the blue print. This slowed down the reconciliation process and eventually the project failed.

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From the contest of slavery, the 1492-1763 periods were a period of conquest for the Americans. The country dominated people of other color and more so the blacks. During this time, the white people misused the blacks with the majority of them working on large plantations of tobacco and cotton. The idea of Americans denying these servants justice and freedom was a sign of their conquest. The Americans managed to dominate over black people and own them like property. The country came up with rules and guidelines for the blacks that deprived the black community their freedom. The sole purpose for their existence was to work on large farms and be servants of the white people. Any attempt to free the slaves from the poor way of life was confronted with rejection from the southerners who still owned large farms. On the other hand, the black people’s population had grown that they could form groups to fight for their rights. In addition, the blacks got support from the Northerners who were against the slave trade. In the end, the southerners lost the fight and the black people were able to have their freedom and justice especially those staying in the northern part of America.

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