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The US isn’t Alone

The title of the chosen article is, "the US isn't alone: high unemployment rates are the new global reality." This is an article authored by Elliot Michael. This is an opinion article. The author has given his opinions on the international economic conditions. The audience of the article is represented by the people of the affected countries and any other individual who happens to read the article. As concerns the article, the state of economic crisis in the world remains to be the unsolved phenomena in all the nations (Elliott, 2010).

There are several cases that have been cited to be evident in the cause for the problems in the economic status of the world. This has actually been depicted by the high levels of the unemployment rates in many nations (Elliott, 2010). The occurrence of the global financial crisis and recession are the presumable causes of this economic crisis. There are high rates of unemployment in many nations as Spain, South Africa and the United States of America. In these nations, there are arrays of economic concepts that have contributed to this state of economic condition. According to the U.S bureau of statistics, the unemployment rate continues to remain high. Most of the basic goods are having their prices high as indicated in china. Moreover, the rate of job creation is staggering in many nations (Elliott, 2010).

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As a response to the nature of the economic crisis in the world, recession is the core reason for the misdeeds that have resulted to the poor economic state of the entire world market. Most of the people are jobless, yet with established governments and ready markets. The worst states of unemployment are to be with us as long as there are no corrective measures taken to curb the major causes of it. This is actually not a pessimistic idea, but rather it is a fact that corrective measures have to be undertaken to have the problem stopped. Moreover, every nation has to consider the fact that improving on employment is the major factor that can effectively and efficiently deal with this problem of thwarting economic crisis in the world (Elliott, 2010). In general the article agrees with my thesis statement since it addresses the many issues of unemployment that face the entire world today. My stand is that most governments today are failing because proper policies which create employment for the youth have not been established.

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