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The US in the 21st Century

America is facing several problems ranging from economic issues to social, cultural, political and diplomatic issues. The rise of China is a major economic challenge that the United States of America is facing. China is rising inevitably threatening to bring down the unipolar USA (Bacevich, 2009). This does not however mean that there is going to be a violent overthrown of the western system or a violent power struggles. China's rise leaves no doubts that this will be the dramas of the twenty-first century. Two of the main force behind this rise is the active diplomacy and the extraordinary economic growth that China is characterized with. The US is also recovering from the economic crisis that brought the country down (Bacevich, 2009).

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According to Peterson (2007) a major political challenge the country is facing is the global terrorism. This terrorism comes in the form of the Americans that terrorize fellow Americans and d the threats from the Islamic terrorism. Bush on his plan of war on terrorism tried to deal with every terrorism group. However the war on terrorism was to start from educating the citizens on terrorism. Threats from the Islamic terrorism have however been deal dealt through the sending of the American troops to the Islamic countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. This has not helped much forcing Obama's Administration to withdraw its soldiers. US face number diplomatic challenges which include shortage of staff on the domestic offices, security needs in various embassies and consulates. Security funding is also another challenge is the inadequate security funding. How these challenges have been addressed through doubling of the workforce and the increase funding on the security (Moore, 2001).

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Moore (2001) stated that there are a number of social challenges that the citizens are facing. Diversity as not been fully embraced by number of Americans, issues of gender, ethnic equality and race are still a challenge to the affected at workplace. Child welfare and the healthcare reforms are however expected to deal these social injustices. Culture has also been negatively affected by the incoming of immigrants from all over the world.

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