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Arguing the Past any Topic

The modern society has shown a lot of incorporation to the new technologies and this has enabled them to be in the modern nature. This modernization has enabled different societies to carry out activities in the most efficient manner as compared to the past where the people had very great ides but could not make the best performance out of them due to the fact that they lacked the best technological know how to realize their dreams. In the modern world therefore where technology has played a major role in development, most ideas were borrowed from these past activities and then perfected to make sure that they came up with the best performance from the improvements. This essay will therefore identify one major past activity which underwent an elaborate improvement due to the technology which has found its corporation in the major areas.

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The area of interest here as concerns the past activities is mainly concentrated in the pottery industry which was witnessed in many areas of the world in the past times. The modeling industry which mainly made use of the clay came up with some major basic ideas which have been incorporated today to come up with the best undertakings which have greatly improved the living conditions (Bronner, 9-30). The modeling industry gave rise to the pottery industry where pots could be molded to act aid in many activities like cooking and even water cooling which was later used by many people for drinking. In the line where the pots which were molded were used in water preservation, it was realized that the water which were kept in the pots were turning out to be very cold as compared to the drinking water which were kept in metallic or plastic materials. This cold nature of water associated with the pot had the argument that the pot had pores which acted as vacuum to guard the condition of heat transfer. This idea was borrowed when coming up with the cooling systems like the fridges and the coolants. The system of the fridge borrowed mainly from the idea of the pot as it has some functionalities which represented the pottery idea (Deiss, 6-18). The main outstanding idea being the one that creates the vacuum which greatly reduces the heat loss and thus making it possible for the fridge to either cool or maintain a certain required temperature of the substance put into it.

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The other idea which still bases on the argument of the pottery techniques is the heating or cooking using the pots. It was seen that pots after undergoing the heating process preserved a lot of heat and could maintain that temperature for a considerable duration before the food substance could really cool down. The past people could therefore use pots made from these clay in the cooking process, they had the advantage that food which were cooked in them turned out to be very soft but they were also reducing on the amount of heat consumed that reducing greatly on the energy consumption rates, energy or heat preservation idea as brought out in the pot is supported by the fact that the pots are made with a thicker structure and therefore will take a little bit longer time before that heat could totally disappear as it acted as to like a structure containing numerous layers (Bronner, 9-30). This has been borrowed in the process of manufacturing utensils for containing of food products or the hot substances. Some utensils are made in a way that they can have two layers in there structure to form a vacuum in between them which greatly reduces heat loss. A present case at hand is the thermo flask. The thermo flask can therefore contain take the example of tea in it for very longer time before it could cool down. Still in the idea of the heat, some present cooking utensils have been made in such a way that they have some thick base which can help them contain the heat for a much longer time and therefore effectively applied in heating hard food substances to be tender with ease.

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The clay molding in the past also came up with some very interesting images which could only be done for leisure activities to bring different communities together or the youth could apply them as sporting activities. These molding could be very unique and interesting but they were just carried out manually with the main activity being just drying them in the sun after the molding had already taken place. The present world with the technology that goes with it has thus witnessed a lot of improvements as concerns the modeling industry and even came up with the sculpturing (Deiss, 6-18). The clay modeling are presently being used to make beads which if are not carefully examined, no imagination can be drawn as to if the beads are really made from clay, they have come up with the drying techniques which are up to date and it has therefore formed a major employment opportunities for most people involved in the industry. The past involvement could not make beads from clay but there modeling activities suggested ideas like such but the technology was a major let down. In addition to beads other sculpture like images are also made out of this clay which can form a major tourist attraction venture and therefore earning income. The current undertaking has therefore changed the whole leisure activity to be an income generating venture.

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In concluding this essay, it can be seen that various activities in the past were very important but the past people lacked either the necessary ideas to improve on their performances or had limited resources and not well established technology to support their ideas. This is evident from the clay and the pottery industry which was much common in the past generations. The main ideas were borrowed buoyed by the current technology and efficient ideas and has improved the living conditions of the current people.

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