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Analysis of the Great Gatsby

The narrator of the book, great Gatsby is a young man who was born in the town of Minnesota. Nick is not only a narrator but casts himself in the position of an author. In this case he plays the role of a second person view in the book. He states that he learned from his father never to reserve the judgment of other people and this is because when he takes a step to hold them he will end up misunderstanding them instead. He characterizes himself as a very tolerant and highly guided by moral values.

Nick's overall feeling can be described as sorrowful. At some point he talks about the gray valley in New York where ashes were dumped. He uses ashes as a symbol as it represents a picture of desolation and poverty. This symbolizes the moral decay that is hidden in the beautiful facades of the Eggs. The main author, Scott has developed the theme of decline in the Americans dream in the book. We are able to learn that after the First World War, the stock in the market led to an increase in national wealth. This led to the greed for wealth. The young stars that fought for their nation were thus subjected to excess money. As a result this led to the decline in the American dream.

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When Nick meets Gatsby for the first time he quotes the words from Daisy, "I hope she will be a fool-that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." Nick uses this aspect to explain how the knowledge of the women is useful in the society today. This does not imply that Daisy was a fool but it brings out her character, how she lacks value towards other women. Nick goes ahead and uses the fading eyes on the billboard as another symbol. This represented the eyes of God. He uses this to symbolize how humans had lost a connection with God. Scott has thus played a major role as the main author in developing of the plot and the themes in the novel. He has been able to bring out indirectly what has been happening in America.

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