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The Time Machine

The Time Machine is a Science fiction novel written by H.G. Wells. It is a reflection of nature of life in 1890s as a period of innovative and hardworking humans. Humans of this lived in peace and harmony among themselves. They kept differences among themselves away so as to live harmoniously without discrimination. A time traveler worked hard in innovation of an object which would take someone into a new earth in future. (Wells, 23)

However, the time traveler faced some challenges in his innovation work. These challenges included friends not cooperate in innovation but rather discouraging the effort. They further referred to this innovation work as wastage of time. It seemed impossible to them that an innovation of an object which could take someone into another world of future as impossible hence they opted to continue with their normal obligations. This reflects lack of cooperation in the work of innovation and dreamers were to do their innovation work by themselves. (Wells,42)

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A dreamer invented the time machine and went into 800,000 years into future. There in the future earth there lived were two different communities Eloi and Morlocks. Time traveler learnt that these humans were not as hard working as those of present time. They represented two human societies where one depended on the other. Eloi were subjects of Morlocks and their work was to stay underground away from Morlocks. Dreamer was welcomed as a god by Eloi whereas Morlocks were unwelcoming to the visitor. (Wells,46)

Later t time traveler learnt that the time machine had surprised many including those of the future earth when Morlocks took it away during darkness. The time traveler never enjoyed the life in the new earth. One day emerged to the top from underground and found where the time machine was kept and on trying to take it Marlocks attempts the challenge but clubs like frames of the machine are used to defeat them and used it to escape to the original life.

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