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How Henry James “Tells” in His Stories

The story will not tell, not in any literal, vulgar way when the two stories by Henry James are analyzed. The first one “The Turn of the screw” is a horrific type, which tells of the most scary and fascinating stories of ghosts. It goes on to talk about the way the two innocent children started experiencing evil alteration, turning into obvious liars and hypocrites. Gracefully told tale of explicit dismay and emotional fear creates what few tales have managed to do in literature — a feeling that is totally frightening and hesitant. On the other hand, the story about “The Pupil” is a very emotional story, telling us of one Mr. Pemberton who accepts to reside at the Morgan Moreen’s home who is eleven years old, so that he can become his tutor. It tells that Mr. Pemberton agreed to this because of his need for money. At first, Mr. Pemberton does not seem to like the boy so much, because he did not have physical good looks(James 7).

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The story goes on to tell us that the young boy “Morgan,” had a heart condition and that was the reason he was not able to attend school. After a short while, Pemberton grew very fond of him more than any other person in the family did. It also tells us about the young boy being intelligent, and the way Pemberton ends up tutoring him without being paid. We get the opportunity to travel with Pemberton as he looks for answers to his views. Through tone, fluctuation motivating point of observation from the tutor, the author of the story allows readers to familiarize with his undecided situation, which loosens his relationship with Mrs. Moreen and her son. Mrs. Moreen’s physical character is portrayed in this passage by its depth.

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This book also tells us, how life situations can have lifetime impact from a tiny relationship. About how connections are frequently one sided and involve feelings and transactions which are direct between individuals and not a collective interest by all. In this book, the mood of the opportunity and not imaginary account is set by three odd dealings. It shows how relationship is produced among the three individuals because they are all in some sort of problem or need. Therefore, it points out from the passage, that Mr. Pemberton has no money and hopes to be paid after he tutors Morgan, whereas Mrs. Moreen is intending to leave Pemberton with Morgan. Morgan does not seem to have any problem with that idea; Although Mr. Pemberton has been quoted as being nervous and hesitant (James 11).

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Though Pemberton is a bright person, this story tells how he lets his doubts take over his whole being, worrying that the young boy he teaches might be more intelligent than he is. Mostly in life, most human beings find it difficult to accept the fact that someone else could be better than they could, and could be more informed or stronger than they are.

The turn of the screw generally is about a ghost story and story of a woman twisted imaginations. This story can be analyzed in a different way since not everyone would agree on this. This story as short as it is, is very rich and bright, as it also tells how the author manages to make the two kids creepy at times. One would remain wondering whether the two children “Miles and Flora” knew about the ghosts and they were innocent, as they seemed( James 4). There are questions from different readers like did the ghosts exists and did the kids have a mysterious secret? We are told what matters is the story, which is very good, and the answer to the question does not count. The turn of the crew is an excellent story, one that no reader will stop until he is through with.

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