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Magical Realism

In this article, Bruce argues that magical realism is a peace of work that is depicted by components of extraordinary issues that are brought together in a story with a deadpan means of presentation (Rogers, 2002). They are fictitious and fantastic in nature but they depict things that cultures experience. Like in the story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Marquez tells us a narrative of an old man but with wings that are stuck in the mad. We surely are used to seeing old men around but the fact that this one had wings in him made him extraordinary. He is a symbol just like the symbols represented by the stories about angels. Locally we know that angels are manlike but they have wings and that is why Pelayo and his wife Elisenda looked at the man in amazement. It depicts periods when angels existed and man was directed by them. Angels were representatives of God and as such man believed in their existence.

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Bruce writes in the article that magical realism is not speculative; it is a reality that is manifested in the people who have a belief in it unlike fiction which explains the world in a manner that the people involved view the world from an angle that is different from ours (Rogers, 2002). This can be drawn from the story where even though the creature is said to be an angel by the neighbor woman who knew everything, she still wanted the being killed but Pelayo only kept it. To make the issue complicated, he did not keep it in the house but had him kept in the chicken house. From there we see Father Gonzoga arriving and noticing that despite the creature looking like an angel, it had parasites on its wings and that is why he did not comment on anything in relation Gods angels because the being did not relate to the proud dignity of the angels.

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It is also from here that we realize people are coming from all corners of the world to see the creature (Rogers, 2002). He evokes the reader’s feeling when he narrates how people came with the intension that the creature was supernatural and was going to heal them. The dream like element talked about by Bruce is depicted in the story, he continues to says that magical realism describes a character towards reality but maintaining a social relevance, this can be associated with the mood created by Marquez story when she introduces the idea of fencing the yard by Elisenda and charging five cents admission in order to see the angel. This shows the normal way a man tries to make money from the simplest things around. This daily societal endeavors brings riches to Pelayo and Elisenda. As seen from the fact that the rich in the society normally acquire wealth from the misfortunes of the have-nots.

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Magical realism therefore connects situations side by side in a manner that objectivity in the literary subject is not violated. It convinces the reader in details how the events are linked by an issue that is more than an opportunity and from the explanation of the neighbor woman in Marquez story we are told that the angel must have been coming for the baby who was suffering some cold. This realism brings out the fantastic object in a manner that the characters in the narrative fail to get its meaning but it lies in their daily belief that the supernatural beings normally appear and miracle do happen (Rogers, 2002).

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