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The Sari Shop

Rupa Bajwa’s novel The Sari Shop is a touching story with particular stereotypical characters. The story narrates about Ramchand, an assistant of a sari shop, which mainly sells saris, especially to the wealthy people. He had been working in the shop every day since he was at age of fifteen. With his parents who were dead, he had little hope in finding a better job in order to change his life. He later gets the chance to join English lessons, which was a help from one of the rich clients of the shop.

In this novel, Bajwa tries to bring out some themes, especially those that affect people today. One of the themes that this paper discusses is the theme of poverty. First, author of this novel brings Ramchand, the main character, who is an assistant in the Sari Shop. He is from a humble background. He lost his parents, and since he was homeless, his uncle took care of him until he got the job as an assistant in the sari shop. It is due to poverty that he states working at a tender age of fifteen until he is twenty six (Bajwa 30).

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Additionally, due to lack of money, his uncle is unable to educate him. He faces many hardships, and this forgoes his dream of acquiring education. One of the hardships is the fact that he is made to fend himself at a young age. He earned a living through working in the sari shop that only restricted him to go movies and nearby Dhaba. Lack of education makes him lack hope of getting a better job that can help escape this poverty (Bajwa 28).

It is because of poverty that Ramchand is uneducated. This is because education would have better him in order to have a better life. He is unable to educate himself, but gets a chance that helps him learn English. One of his wealthy clients offers to educate him, and the education helps him realizes the brutal situations. He finds out the rape case of his co-worker’s wife.

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In conclusion, it is evident that poverty is the theme in the novel The Sari Shop. The main character, Ramchand faces poverty and homelessness after his parent’s death. This hinders him from attaining his dream of acquiring education, until he gets the chance offered by his clients.

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