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Kate Chopin

This story revolves around the main character (protagonist), Louise, who has just been widowed following a fatal rail road accident that had happened miles away. Her sister, Josephine, breaks the news to her and thus leaving her with time to assimilate the situation in. The story unfolds through Louise thoughts and mere actions. It tries to explain how she felt following the departure of her husband: Brently Mallard. The story was written under a single environment, that is, a home where Louise shared with her husband. It’s written in the late nineteenth century.

I would take the stand against Mrs.Mallard, for the mere fact that she only spent a small fraction of her sad time to mourn her husband and the larger part of it reminiscing about the freedom she was going to enjoy without her him. At one instance, she is happy when she knows that she would be living for herself during the following years,” years with no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature”.

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Louise is also perceived to be a woman married out of material riches. The husband is assumed to be rich as he was popular and his name appearing first in the newspaper that reported the accident to the public. Louise also admits although she did love him but many at times she did not have his interests at her heart “And yet she had loved him—sometimes. Often she had not”. This openly implicates the cold heart that she possessed (Kenedy&Gioia, pg90).

Louise, unlike other women, did not receive the news with much sorrow and sympathy but rather acted as if she had already been prepared and was ready to face a circumstance like that. It’s reported that she wept only once under her sisters arms and shortly afterwards went into her room whispering that both her mind and soul were free and that she was going to enjoy every bit of it.

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She is depicted to have been faking her love to Mr.Mallard and that she had already lost her desire for love. At one point she dismisses love as something that did not matter then, she describes love as the “unsolved mystery: and that the only thing that mattered then was her own being. She is so calculative and cunning in the sense that all the actions she depicts seem to have been stage managed perhaps to deceive both Richard and Josephine that she had always loved her husband.

When she finished reminiscing about her free life to come, her sister took her down the stairs, she is purported to be carrying herself “unwittingly like a goddess of victory”. She immediately fell down the stairs and there she laid dead and doctors afterwards proved that she died out of a heart disease associated with joy.

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In conclusion, it would be wise to say that Louise’ ill- motive had in fact acted towards her and killed her. She had been living a lie and a time had come for her to face the repercussion behind all the lies and deceit. The writer wanted to convey the message that all bad deeds never last for long instead they are paid in full and unexpectedly.

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